17 Year Old Newlywed!!

I am 17 and an Irish Traveller. It is normal in our culture to get married young. I met Pa at a horse fair when he challenged a boy who was trying to grab me to a fight. He came out worse for wear, but won! He's 20 now (19 when we met) and was a friend of me older brother Bracken, and we started texting alot after the horse fair. About 4 months later (a really really long time in traveller terms) he proposed to me after my sisters birthday party in the moonlight and grass, with all me friends and family there ♥

We had a Christmas wedding, all pink and white, and I even had swans in little suits ☺ We were on honeymoon after that and just got back yesterday, we were in Spain and it was lovely and warm. It was so romantic ♥

Right now my husband and I are travelling around the UK in our caravan while he works as a tree surgeon. I have no regrets and love my husband and love my life! ♥♥♥
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Dude.. Not only do you have a cute Irish accent but your young and married!! In America it's not right to get married young (16-19) .. I hate it. As soon as I get out if high school we are tying the knot