I am 19 years old and have been married to my husband, who is 20, for almost two months now. We started planning to get married when I was 17. Having in mind that I was going to be a wife and be responsible for a lifelong relationship and commitment to my husband as well as keeping a household running, I matured a lot during my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, and I felt with a sort of unspoken pride that I was different from my peers, who were all still dating around and only concerned with making enough money to go have fun (which sort of goes by the wayside when you first enter into a marriage at a young age). I grew to understand the importance and implications of what I was undertaking by marrying so young, and I accepted them. I am so happy to say that because of the consideration I gave to every aspect of marriage I could think of, and the care with which my husband and I built our relationship, I was free of doubt or worry, even on my wedding day (the only worry was the actual wedding!)
I am so happy being married. My husband hasn't changed one bit; he's still the same sweet, caring, thoughtful and funny man I fell in love with. Even though we have difficulties and fight sometimes (mostly about finances- ugh!) we love each other enough that we do our very best to keep everything running smoothly, house-wise and relationship-wise. We are young, but we're good observers and are fortunate enough to be surrounded by good advice and good examples. Besides that, we are strong together- the strength of our love, in my opinion, has nothing to do with age.
Christabel Christabel
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So now that's been 5years since you've been on here; I hope that story still is true........

A lovely personal story.

That's beautiful.

Its exciting to read this story