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I Am Sharing My Brother's Wife

For the last two years I am sexually intimate with my elder brother's wife. I am doing this with the full consent of my brother. We share her equally and sleep with her on alternate nights. She is a very beautiful and intelligent woman. In fact she is a doctor. My mother who lives with us also is aware and fully approves of our arrangement. We have kept this a secret from everybody.

If you all have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.

polyandrist polyandrist 26-30, M 70 Responses Apr 28, 2010

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My oldest brother has always been my mentor and my best friend. I learned a lot from him and always felt very close. I do not share his wife but even before I got married we talked and I told him that should I get married I would love to share my wife with him.
When I met my wife on my travels and it became clear that I would like to marry this lovely and beautiful girl that I had met, one evening I had an open heart-to-heart with her about my idea of sex in a marriage and that it didn't quite conform with norm. My future wife didn't ask that much and just said the whatever we do we do it together and we talk about it first and everyone can refuse what we don't like. I also told her about my brother who she had met just a few days ago and she just smiled, looked happy, kissed me and held me.

A couple of weeks later we went on an extensive journey through Europe and were accompanied by my brother. This is when it happened for the first time and we never looked back. I just love it. Can't explain but that's how it is. My wife loves it and brother says it has kept his marriage going over all these years. My wife and I have now been married for 30 years. My brother has been married for 42 years. He has two daughters and we have three sons.

I am a polyandrist too. I have relationship with my younger brother's wife and my brother sleeps with my wife sometimes. We never cared for the society as to whoever would say anything. As pointed in one of the responses, every one of us is born with different mindset and as long as the people within the relationship is happy, everything is fine. Sometimes, all the four of us sleep together and have fun. My mother also knows about it and she opines that as long as it does not bring in conflicts between us that should be ok, that way she wanted to uphold unity within the family.

Why don't you both have her together. This has the following benefits:<br />
1. She will enjoy more. Of course, take her consent before you discuss this among yourselves.<br />
2. You will get to have her everyday.

I would leave her, and yes this sound like a load of crap.

This is obviously a fictional tale, people--mere fantasy.

did any of you get her pregnant or give her a v.d.?<br />
do u u'r brother hang out(hav sex) with other women?<br />
does she hang out with other men

Sounds like a happy family. Are there ever any problems, as occasionally happen in a marriage?

anyhow people u are some what different ,<br />
can u mail me , how u deal with the girl. to

Nice Story,<br />
and good comments.<br />
<br />
anyhow great entertainment....

to each his own but an arrangement like that wouldn't be for me especially in a marriage.

Many societies permit sex with brother's wife. It is up to individuals to decide if that would suit them. Nothing is wrong in this world as long as it does not break relationships and cause sorrow. The world is full of different people and relationships that may sound weird to others who do not have similar tastes (e.g. homosexuality is considered weird by some people who do not practice it). <br />
<br />
Like in the case of Polyandrist, my wife has had sexual relationship with my younger brother for the past 10-12 years. I never felt jealous or odd about it. My wife has been able to give both of us enough love and pleasure to keep us both happy. She has enjoyed her relationship with both of us too, immensely. Generally, she is the one who decides whom she would have sex at any time. She balances our needs and desires well, while deriving her pleasures from us. This is much better than spouses having secret affairs with outsiders and then breaking families, affecting the children adversely. My wife has had two sons from us, and we never cared to know whether which one belongs to whom because after all they are the same genes, not an outsiders' genes. Some people may feel disgusted to read this reality but then the same people also feel disgusted easily on reading many other things. They should not be reading these, if they don't like it.

That is my idea of a perfect relationship.

This is all mad thing.I am from India and I am dam sure even if a man is impotent and cannot rais his ****,still he will not share his wife anybody in India.<br />
<br />
I do not know from where you got this idea to defame Us like that.

cool tool, right now the only competition between my brother and me is who gets her pregnant first. and if she decides to have another man, she is free to do so. She is so beautiful, that even five men are not enough for her.

if you are all happy with that lifestyle, i don't think it makes a big difference what others think of you.<br />
<br />
but don't you think this may develop some sort of competition between you and your brother? may be she would want you both to sleep with her at the same time? what about if she decides that 2 men are not enough for her?.......

if you are all happy with that lifestyle, i don't think it makes a big difference what others think of you.<br />
<br />
but don't you think this may develop some sort of competition between you and your brother? may be she would want you both to sleep with her at the same time? what about if she decides that 2 men are not enough for her?.......

i fully agree with ur idea, my support to the lady

dude are u serious bcos im from india and its pretty rare of such incidents........


OMG! seriously?? .. I'd like to know what part of the world do u come frm??

this aint a secret any more mate....and it does sounds a bit crazy but after all its ur life....if u ever want to keep a secret...first keep it to urself............cheers

Would you add another person into your realtionship ?<br />
<br />
im not talking another man but another women .<br />
<br />
ive read serval books mostly scifi books that deal with simlar themes creating a super family structure with all parents dealing with children shareng each other creating a stable envoiroment for children and each other is that something you have thought about .<br />
<br />
do you regret not being able to share your joy with other pepole haveng to keep all this a secret what do you plan for the future

Well Rallacious, sharing her means sharing her body and sharing her love. It does not have any possessive undertones. If anything, it is she who 'possesses' both of us.

hey i read your other stories and think i understand now...

I would like to know how this came to be and how did you and your brother reach this agreement?<br />
I would like to know if you are in a relationship with your sister in law besides sex?<br />
<br />
Not judging I would just like answers please... since that is what this group is about.

Don't judge him that much... That's what you can do if your in love.. His brother loves the girl... And the girl loves him... AND WE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT THAT.

I have a question for you... you mention that she is beautiful and intelligent, yet something doesn't ring true in the way you say that you 'share her'. You make her sound as if she is a posession or ob<x>ject to be shared. If you had true respect for the relationship between the three of you, you would phrase it differently, even say it is her choice to sleep with both of you. So, is this a true free relationship, do you see her as a posession or is this whole thing just made up?<br />
<br />
I am definitely not a hater, but something about this post registers on the bs scale, whether its the actual situation or just your attitude towards it.

thanks for your understanding......... your profile name is too complicated!

yehwell i think what you have is great! if you're all happy with the arrangement, go for it. in my opinion, we don't really have a choice who we love. love is love; it's spontaneous, captivating, and will keep you prisoner in a cage with no bars if you let it--but when you have love, are experiencing love, and you are happy? all is well and that is that. *hugs* power to ya hun. :3

sharing your brother's wife is ok. but when kids come in to your life you have to thik practical & should not do infront of them & before that both of you have to decide whose is going to be a father of them. btw. if it is only etertainment then its ok. think practical also... , did you screwed infront of your mother what was her reaction. where is your father ...did you tried 3 owesome ... do it all and enjoy ...