I Am A Bisexual Girl. Ask Me Anything.

Fire away. I don't care what you ask me but be nice and if you hate gays, you can go die. That's all.
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Hey I'm bisexual and I'm really shy I can never get a relationship with a girl at my school. I'm a girl and I've only been in 2 girl relationships and the rest were guys. Please Im craving a girl right now and the craving gets stronger everyday. Please I don't know how to ask a girl out cuz the other girls asked me out. Also I don't know where to find them other than school.

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talking to a bi guy here. im 18 and agree with your statement.
my problem is that i am attracted to lesbians and bi girls but i can never start a relationship, to clarify it never gets going long term.

im bi and i like a girl im new to school,but im popular i like the one grl who ignores me we made i contact 2 times,for like 2 mins each we dnt really know each othe i only know her name...pleaz help

make an obvious effort to get to know her. all relationships work the same: person a is attracted to person b [or b to a]and they get to know each other they warm up to the other person and stuff goes down. this has happened for me for guys and girls. you just have to be patient. is she straight? if she is dont approach her for bi relations because for some reason str8 ppl dont like that. and if this doesn't work out go after lesbians- they are usually easier 2 get with.
lastly if you are being emotionally hurt pull away from the person.
i hope this helps

So, Im kind of confused on whether or not im bisexual. I know im Straight for sure and like guys. However ever since i could remeber ive had this crazy atttraction to woman too. Ive never dated a girl or even hooked up with one, but in alll honesty ive thought about it alot. Especially in the past 3 years. What should i do? Help!

Sexual orientation isn't defined by who you've had sex with, it's defined by who you're sexually attracted to. If both guys and girls turn you on, then you're bisexual. Period, end of story.

well then i guesss i may be bi-sexual

I'm a girl and I've known for a year that im bisexual now and the girl I love recently told me that she is as well. She keeps tweeting things like "I never thought I'd fall for you" and "I love you I'm just afraid to tell you" and "I love you, the one I'm talking to now, the one I always talk to" and I always talk to her. I'm the only one who knows she bi so she trusts me tonnes. I really want to ask her out but I'm not sure how to do that so can you give me advice on how to? And also how would I tell my parents, because all my friends know and I don't wanna keep things from family x

so just do it like "do you want to __________ [whatever you want to make of this]?"
as for the parents just tell them. thats what i did. they will accept you in time because they still love you-deeply. but if they dont they are haters and move to your friends for support.
good luck

Hi.. Lets say we barely know each other bug we talked in person and some online would you think its creepy on first time we hang out if i drew a picture of you and gave it to you?

Ima really shy person...

And if you have been going out with a girl for about 2 years would you feel comfortable hanging out with a guy?

Thank you...

what actress would you have sex with

naya rivera

hi i think i may be bisexual, i have told my mam and sisters and a few friends but if i told my whole school i would be bullied so what do i do to prevent this from happening, how do i tell people with out them freaking out. some of my mates have asked me if i "fancy" them and i did but was afraid to tell them what do i do about that??

please write back.x

ok, so tell your friends and whoever you feel like you need to be true to. if you feel like telling your school do it. be confident and take the high road if anyone bullies you, also in that case alert the principal, as they will take care of it [there are laws in place to protect you] the people who go against you are haters, or they were brought up wrong. in either case they are not your problem.

in my case friends knew first then family then school, and some people make jokes directed towards me but i either laugh or tell them to quit it. people dont see me differently, and the ones who do well.... i dont kno them.

i wish you good luck in life

Hi,I am Bisexual and I have a HUGE crush on my childhood friend.

she told me she was buy a few days ago. find me on Facebook my name is Brendon Stinson. I just need help approaching.

im a bisexual girl. i like this girl she is my best friend and i know she is bisexual. we mess say in we turn each other on and she doesnt mind if my hands are just above or on her *** when we hug. i really really love her. what do i do? she also gives me suductive smirks hat make my heart melt.

p.s. she knows i like her. should i do something? like kiss her or something?

I'm a bisexual female who has never had sex with a girl. I wan to be able to experience that someday but I don't know how. Have you ever had sex with a girl? If so how was your first time with a girl?

Heya okay I'm bio and I. like girls more thAn boys.... Erm I just wondered how I gt a girl u really like to like you or even go out with u if she's nt interested in u like thT or even bio? also how do u make her really notice u? xx

Heya okay I'm bio and I. like girls more thAn boys.... Erm I just wondered how I gt a girl u really like to like you or even go out with u if she's nt interested in u like thT or even bio? also how do u make her really notice u? xx

could you add me as a friend please?

im a new member and i need to talk to someone about my sexuality :)


could you add me as a friend please?

im a new member and i need to talk to someone about my sexuality :)


Hi, I'm totally new to this site but i saw your story and had to ask you some questions. How do you get close to a girl without creeping her out? like, how do you touch their face or hands or say stuff to let them know you're interested without sounding like a psycho? when is it ok to start holding hands or kissing? cause i'm a naturally physically affectionate person so i like hugging and stuff but only with people i trust cause i dont want ppl i've just met to get weirded out. reason im asking is cuz i'm not out to anyone but my absolute most trusted older family/friends, but not with anyone my own age, and i dont want to have a label, but i just started college and i want this to be a fresh start for me to be who i really am. sorry i rambled, and thanks!

@BlueDreamUK: Actually, not really. Which sucks for me I guess...

Do you know other bisexual friends in your area?

@lunayestrella: It depends on who I like at the time but usually guys there are like 2 other bi girls that I know and they're both taken so I can't really find anyone :/

@cl3angetaway: I'm not sure, just whoever I meet that I want to spend the rest of my life with but I plan on having kids. If I get married to a woman then we would work it out if not then yes, I will have kids.

@nobodyinanysense: Well my terms for bisexual are being sexually attracted to both guys and girls. I don't really think about group sex, I'd prefer just regular 2 person sex with either a man or a woman.

@OrionsSword: I'm not offended by that, we can all have our own opinions, but personally I don't like the idea of a ********* because it doesn't seem right to me.

@nuha123: I like both guys and girls. It's hard to explain but I pretty much just... like both sexes and I plan on marrying either a guy or a girl. I guess I could still be bisexual and be married to a man or a woman, but I'd probably be considered only straight or gay which is fine as long as people don't make assumptions about me.

@BadMona: I don't like the idea I'd rather it be private....

Thanks to all who support my lifestyle :)

who do you like better, boys or girls? i saw a show in tyra and it was about gays and they did a gay kingdom and there was lesbians, gays and even a bisexual and everyone seemed to hate the bisexual because everyone thought that he was the one that was confused and not them and everyone thought that he was a waste of space in there kingdom and the lesbians and gays were like, "atleast we know what we like and you cant even decide what sexuality you prefer" so the bisexual was kind of the reject, i just wanted to share that it was an interesting show even gays fight with each other just like heterosexuals. it happens.

When you say bisexual, do you mean you like "girl girl" and "girl boy|" in separate situations or group sex wherein the girl is shared with both boys and girls, or sex with bisexual boys as well as girls?

P. P., are you offended that we males fantasize about 3somes with bisexual women?

I know of bisexual women who do seem to have this anger and repulsion to the idea, while I actually believe I can see it as pleasurable for all, if the attitudes are right. It is all about having an enjoyable time and sharing it with others; giving as well as getting pleasure. I suppose it is not the way of the bisexual to feel aversion to this, but rather the way of the lesbian with no bisexual feelings. What are your thoughts on this P.P.?

I'm a straight male...but if I were "female" I would choose to be bi-sexual or just a straight lesbian...two women seem's more of a Natural Match than 2 men...although I have in the past practced "self-fellito"...i just could not do that to another man...but cunninglingus,,,that is something to share...and in particular between "compatable" individuals who share the same "likes/Dislikes"...sorta like "two peas in a pod"...if I changed my sex to female I diffenently would be a hot lesbian...

Ok, this is my first question to another member like this and I'd like to keep it private, at all costs for now, ok? Why does it seem that if a girl wears a guys boxers, it's ok, but if a guy wore her panties, he's gay and a pervert? all that is said on this subject...the bottom line is "how someone else" brings you to "that certain feeling"...(of) ecstasy...that "feeling" of "extreme pleasure" only you yourself in the privacy of your own "self-inflicted" climax...truly "knows" Ohh god...."

so u like both boys and girlz

how is that work!? :/

i think (Bisexual) is just a phase until the person figure out what he/she really like.

I do not hate. I support you and your feelings.