I Am A C***. Ask Me Anything.

I am a complete c***, and always have been.

For more information ask me a question.
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Do you like to watch Survivor man?

Never seen it. Or does seeing it make me more of c**t because in that case i'd watch it.

How does one deal with a ****? Any advice from a self-proclaimed **** would be greatly appreciated :-D

Live bait and a net. Although I do know that they will find the nearest person in emotion distress, and laugh at their pain. So you can set up one of these people under a box trap, the **** should fall for the bait.

***** generally act quite timid after they are caught, and in this time you can take note of their ghost skin, caused by a life time of hiding in the shade, and a cold body temperature from the their lack of emotion warmth. ***** are not quite as valuable as specimen as their cousin, the Common Troll.

Thank you for the advice Good Sir!

Exactly, something only a c*** would do.

Make prank calls to childline? :(

Firstly you must insult whenever given a chance, especially when it's highly inappropriate.<br />
<br />
For instance, on EP tell a girl who was sexually abused by her father that it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't worn short skirts. Or tell someone who performs self-harm to just 'kill themselves already'.<br />
<br />
You should by then find yourself with an angry PM, and find yourself blocked by them.<br />
<br />
All you need to do then is RINSE AND REPEAT.<br />
<br />
The hard part is mastering that skill, if you can insult someone on to the point they cry, slap you and never talk to you again, then you will have made it to the highest level of being a ****, achieving cuntana, and being at one with your own vileness. <br />
<br />
Of course this is just one way of being a ****, you can also con charities out of money, become a religious zealot, make prank calls to childline. Being a c*** is very expansive, and there is so much to do and work upon. The possibilities are endless.

It's a genetic thing so you can't unless you already are. There is hope, if you would like your son or daughter to be a c***, I suggest getting impregnated by a c***.<br />
<br />
How about it?<br />
<br />
It can skip sometimes skip generation though, and there is also a small chance they can be born with Liaritis. Sadly if the child is born with the disease, he or she will be destined become a lawyer or a politician at early adulthood.

what do you think made you into a c***?<br />
<br />
Well, my dad was ****, and his father before him, and his father before him. So it's genetic.<br />
<br />
Can I have a soda?<br />
<br />
F*** off, I ain't shelling out for a limey like you.

Hahaha! So, what do you think made you into a c***? lol