I Am A Misogynist, Sort Of. Ask Me Anything.

I don't hate, I just have contempt for women as a generalization. Most my friends are women and they know my feelings. They either understand why I think the way I do or outright agree with my beliefs. 

Ask me anything. 
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Not liking women cause they have this or that trait is not the same as thinking they are less worthy than men.

Which one is it for you? You just don't like them cause of certain things they do or how they behave but still see value in them having leadership positions, equal rights, etc?

Or you actually feel men are worth more and should be dominant, women don't deserve equal rights, should stay in the kitchen, etc?

Misandry is the contempt for men. Does not matter what gender you are, women can be misogynists as well. I would say that I know far more females that would consider themselves misogynists then those that misandrists. Granted, most people that I know really don't have strong feelings towards gender like I do, just a few really share my thoughts. <br />
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Asking how you fit in all this, well that is the rub, isn't it? Its hard to judge an individual and say "well, since they are female, I have contempt." Each individual is different and on a personal basis and a lot of what I dislike about females is in a general way and may not actually exist in an individual person. Some times, what I dislike may be all that defines them. I think it all comes down to a group mentality that really is off-putting to me. Traditional roles are just a way to describe an individuals preferences on how they like to live their life. Hell, I would like to be a live at home dad with the successful wife.

What's the equivalent of a female who does the same thing. Like, a feminist would be a polar to a misogynist, however a misogynist is only a guy normally, right?<br />
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Only as SO many women today really s**t me!! If I was a bloke and had to put up with how some women behave and the attitudes of some women, well, I wouldn't, I'd put my foot down...<br />
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But I'm a woman, and am straight, and still prescribe the "normal" gender roles (ie. I'm the home carer, the mother, etc) and am comfortable with these roles, but am also highly sexual and like to please, have quite a bit of "moxie" yet without being a *****!!<br />
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Yet I get pissed off easily by these "other" types of women. Naggy, whiney, high maintenance, controlling, manipulative, fridgid, etc. etc.<br />
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What does that make ME then?

@beckytran93 Forgiveness will happen, all in time. I have let go of a lot of things, but not everything from my past. The further time takes me away, the easier it is to forgive something and move on to the next. I have regained a lot of my happiness back, but that also is a slow process.<br />
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@Lilt -- I think the best example for this is sports. There are plenty of women who could easily beat the crap out of me because they are in better shape, stronger, and more athletic then I am. But, as a generalization between men and women, the biology is what makes the difference. For the human species, males are biologically built to be stronger and more athletic. Women are made to endure more pain then men. These differences both fundamentally limit or enhance either gender as a whole. There can only be a true equality in all aspects of life if humans were a complete androgynous or genderless species. Sorry, thats a bit of a convoluted answer, but I just mean to say that there are differences that do not allow men and women to be equals all the time.

"I believe women should be treated equally in almost everything."<br />
What are your exceptions?

I'm sorry to heard the calamity of your ex-relationship . Carrying a negative thought can demoralize people . No life is lived without pain and headache .My grandmother used to tell us ' TAKE 2 HANDS TO CLAP ' .Please forgive my opinions. My belief is we all created equal and everyone deserve happiness. Why don't you try to forgive her ? If she already took away your love and smiles .Don't allow her to take your kindness heart away from all your beloved .Prove to yourself that's her mistaked was cheat on you , and your life is better without her . You do not want to hear '' NOW,I KNOW WHY SHE CHEAT ON HIM " but I believes , you deserve to hear '' WHAT WERE SHE THINKING ? HOW COULD SHE DID THAT TO HIM " .I Hope God will guide you through this tough times .Live-well is a better revenge .

That made no sense at all. Was there a question in there?

right on muthafukka...i went on date once witha woman who demanded i hold open the door for her not because she wanted me t a gentleman but because she likes that...even when shes made it clear she didnt wnat to romantically involvedwith you...thats not fair was being maniplative on one hell of a i am woman tip. thtas kinda what your talking about right...

We get along just fine. We manage to annoy each other from time to time, but other then that there are no problems.

How is your relationship with your mother?

If it is used as a bargaining chip or a tool for manipulation, then yes.

Does your contempt extend to the hole ? <br />

Couldn't have said it better myself, Socialboar. There is always exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between. I have no problem whatsoever with empowerment of women. I believe that women should be treated equally in almost everything: jobs, education, social status, and so on... anything that really has nothing to do with gender (or race, religion, etc) should be based on achievement, not born traits. Thats why I add the "sort of" part to my statement. <br />
I think you make two good points. First, being nice sometimes backfires. Like holding the door open for a woman, I have been chastised on several occasions because "i don't need a man to do things for me" when all I was doing was trying to be polite. <br />
Second, things do seem to make a big flip-flop when you get older and because of that, I often do not find myself attracted to women my age. Not to be cruel, but its true that it seems that there are a lot of single moms out there that are just looking for someone to take care of them or their kids, and this is where the nice guy comes in. This has happened too many times to me where this has been the case and I just now will not even consider dating a single mom. It may seem mean, but I guess after awhile you just get jaded to these things.

You know, it seem like it's only the men now a day's who want what our father's and forefathers had, and that was to be married and raise a family of our own. Back when it was a good thing to have a family, you know when women were still ladies and liked it when we opened or held the door for them. I t seems like women want that bad boy until that bad boy fools around on them, usually with their best friend who they have bragged about their boy friend too. A lot of women these days have no moral's or at least a lot less moral's than the old day's. Like you said, I too was raised to be a gentle man, but it seems like, only latter in life that women start to look for that nice guy, you know after they've had their fill of the bad boy's, but by then, they've already had kids by this bad boy and now want someone else to help them, usually a nice gentleman, who wasn't good enough for them in the first place.

A lot of it surfaced when I found out my wife had cheated on me, eventually leading to a divorce. I would bet it is pretty natural for any guy in a similar situation to be hate women at least for a time. However, mine has kind of stuck with me in an odd way. Of the couple of divorced friends that I have, we all share the same experience of being cheated on and kind of had a bit of a "woman haters club". I'm sure that didn't help.<br />
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I like and respect a lot of individual women, most of my friends are women. With that said, I often notice the double-standards and , sometimes, outright manipulation that some women will use in order to get what they want. I was raised to be a nice guy and a gentleman and I believe that I am, for the most part. Yet, it seems that often my authentic kindness is often seen as a way to take advantage of me or redirected in a way that makes me the bad guy.