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    Ask me anything implies for me that if you'd like to know about family, food, cigars, business, jobs, kids, babies, art, scuba diving, just life, well I am here to help.  As I've been helped by many others I would like to give back. I think knowledge should be shared with all and I would like to learn about everything as well.  Knowledge is power.
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I like Maduros,and Rubustos especially.<br />
I'm not worried about trace ammounts of minerals,just though it was interesting and may account for some of the unique qualities of a Cuban draw.You truly know your stuff,keep up the good work.<br />
Have you ever grown your own tobacco? I planted some nicotina rustica,for ceremonial purposes,but might just try to produce some cigars someday,who knows?

Dubkebab,<br />
My cigars are just that, look up my website. We use Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican, all grown with cuban seed. Then I roll them. The prices are the way they should be, exeptional. You are paying for the seal, the name, and transport for those other cigars and that's why they cost so much elsewhere. Try a Double Corona wrapped in Conneticut wrap and inside it has dominican leaf which is very smooth and mild. We have Maduro in all sizes as well as flavors. But to answer your question about the lithium in the soil, there's not enough in it to cause any problems with the smoke or I would say the person. Check out the site DLGCIGARS.COM

I would leave the garlic out of the drawn butter when it comes to lobster.Don't want to overwhelm that flavour...but I heap it on just about anything else...<br />
<br />
hey,I've heard that Cuban soil contains lots of lithium deposits,which would in turn influence the flavor as well as certain side effects of said smoke...(?)<br />
haven't had any myself,but have savored some mighty fine Dominican cigars from Cuban seed-would you offer any thoughts about this?

WaKingUpinTexas,<br />
A great wine with any fish is white wine, so I would choose a Piesporter-German white, light, almost sweet to the palate. Lobster should be boiled, crack it open and dunk it all in some butter, minced garlic, and parsley- serve with your favorite vegetables drizzled with olive oil and garlic.

Squigglefish, <br />
My 6 year old boy plays T-Ball. Sometimes they get pitched at while up to bat but mostly they use the T-ball to hit their ball. At this age, the kids who are in the outfield ready to catch the ball, they try to get them to throw to first base. All pla<x>yers are scattered around the field, there's no person like the shortstop. When the kids are up to bat they hit and just run the bases. These are all learning stages and fundamentals to play baseball.