I read your article about M.S disease and the fact that you inform us about M.S disease and what we can do to help is so great. Hope that it goes well and thanks for the information again EParmen
That article is so big, but I understand that in order to mention all those stuff it needs space. Well,I started reading it, but I don't know or else  I didn't understand what M.S is. Though,I tried to figure it out, I didn't make it. Is that like an abbrevation or something? Because really I don't get it. I read one of the comments to see if there is an explanation or describing the pain. It mentioned  something about pains in the brain. That is what M.S is about or something different?
I don't know...hope there is an answer in my comments cause I have to know what it is so I can help,too, as much as I can!!!!

emy3 emy3
Jul 12, 2010