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Being rude and shelfish is really bad. Being too helpful is really bad,too. cause there always have to be an edge or something. Things in life must be stable and there always have to be a balance between them.
Helpful is someone who is willing to help other people. Helpful means that sometimes you gotta say no,do it yourself for once. Helpful is someone who sometimes can help you and not all the time.
Too helpful means someone is over the top willing to help someone and usually people will take advantage of him or her. You don't always have to be kind due to the fact people realise that. For instance, if your patner realises that you are always so willing, so kind,so helpful he will do something bad definitely cause he knows that you will forgive him. He won't  necessairily do something really unacceptable. Most of the times, it won't hurt you. He will have to do the dishes or clean,but he won't cause he knows you will. You will tell him ''That's ok''. You won't react. You will not tell anyone and get mad but you will forgive him after a long fight you have done cause he will tell you''Relax sweety. I promise I will get better''. You will think how good he is but he will keep acting in the same way and even worse. The same  thing may happen in your job. Your colleauges will release you are the ''good girl, the kind, the caring one, the helpful one who is so willing for everything''. As a result, they will take advantage of it and tell you'' Hey, I am really tired and I wanna go out. Can you please do that for me? I didn't have time.'' As usual, you will end up working late, doing some other's job and you will go back home. Your partner won't have done anything and the house will be a mess. This is how it ends up. You will have to do it all. You will get crazy!!! 
This is not a role or something but I have heard a lot stories like that. Women are over the top helpful and they end up having this type of life until they get totally crazy and leave it all behind or else do what they haven't done till now.They break up, be tougher with the colleauges and literally change their lifestyle.Or else they go to a psycologist and punish their partner by pressing him doing all the things she has done and even worse.
So, don't be too helpful. You will end up somehow like this. Especially, if you are a woman.
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I had to stop reading that. It made my eyes wobble.