I Am From Kuwait. Ask Me Anything

hi my name is Fatemah. And im from kuwait, born and bred . i've graduated from highschool looking for my dream career . im an open minded person and interseted in meeting new people.

Ask me anything
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Nice to see someone else from Kuwait here :)

i don't mind being friends, just message me :)

What are your thoughts wrt religion and do you think Islamic countries will began subjecting their religious beliefs to critical review by scientists & historians the way most western countries have already done to Christianity and Judaism? I ask because it seems most westerners are very aware of logical fallacies or plan untruths in the bible (it was written my bronze age tribesmen so it was bound to get facts wrong) and this was critical for developing the scientific method but, sadly, in most Islamic countries, especially Arab countries, I've found most of the people still accept medieval religious dogma without questioning it. Would you agree? How many people in your country (well, who are citizens since the majority of the population is not from Kuwait) know that the koran is riddled with pretty much the same amount of errors and falsehoods as the bible or torah? (It seems 8th century tribal authors didn't know much more then 1st century tribal authors or 5th century BCE tribal authors.) Would it matter to most people if they knew their supposed divine book was as wrong as all the others or would they ignore reason and simply keep embracing traditional dogma?

thank you fatima

Glad to see a beautiful arabic lady, kifik fatima nshalla mni7a, hope you are fine, and take care of your self, iza bet7ebi na3mel chat ايميلي هو mayfijazi@hotmail.com

What was it like living as a woman in Kuwait? I here it was rough but never met someone from there so am interested.

SO lucky you,,,, you have already found one>>>>> :)<br />
Can we be mates and start it all off now???

LOL,, Hello Fatemah..<br />
How are you doing, hope you are fine!! <br />
Okay i have a question to be asked??? what makes you so thrilled meeting new ppl in E.P??<br />
<br />
Best of LUck

can i buy some oil from you?