I Am Sleeping With My Brother And His Wife In The Same Bed

till ten days ago, I was sharing my brother's wife, but now I'm sleeping with both of them in the same bed!!
Ten days back, my mother went out of town to visit a few of her relatives. So the three of us were left in the house, me, my brother and his beautiful wife, who we have been sharing for the last two years. But we had never slept with her together.
And now my elder brother really started getting persistent, that we should make love to her together. I was very shy and I did not want to be naked in front of my brother, but he forced me, sort of. He pulled off my shorts and my briefs, and he laughed at the semi-erect organ of mine. Then he ******** before me, and his organ was fully erect and he was definitely larger than me. We went into his bedroom, and his wife was doing something on the computer. She turned her head and gasped at seeing her two men approaching her in their birthday suits. my brother was all over her, kissing her lovely face and full lips. She moved her soft hands over his back and buttocks, and then she beckoned to me. As I came close to her, she pulled me towards her and kissed my lips.
"If your brother is not ashamed, why should you?" She said.
She took my brother's rod in one hand, and my smaller one in another, and she started squeezing them both. My brother had already bared her large breasts and was sucking on them. Then she stood up, and I pulled off her saree and her petticot. I kissed and licked her naked thighs. Then I peeled off her panties and I kissed and kissed and kissed her round thick buttocks like mad.
My brother licked her love-hole first, and then I licked it. Then as she took my erect rod in her mouth and started sucking on it, my brother parted her big, creamy thighs and speared his shaft inside her passage. I watched their hips crunching into each other as they mated with each other, and while she kept on sucking my organ. He groaned and climaxed inside her, his face digging into her mammaries.
I got on top of her in the sixty-nine, and licked her wet hole, and a while later, I was riding her too.
Soon afterwards, she was on her belly, and I had my face inside the deep crack between her rear cheeks, and I was licking hard on her butt-hole. When she was well-lubricated, my brother thrust his rod into that passage as well. He was in heaven, as he thrust into her repeatedly, and felt her buttocks crash against his belly as she reciprocated his strokes.
And later I took my turn and deposited my own sperms into the lower part of her gut.
Then we slept for about an hour, with the beautiful female between us brothers, and then we woke up horny as rabbits.
Passionately we kissed and licked her face, and then we sucked her paps so hard, she screamed with joy, and she inserted a forefinger each in both of our anuses.
And then I was inside her wet and hot vagina, and simultaneously my brother was grinding his rod into her anus. She moaned like a *****, and with one hand squeezed my butt-cheeks, and with the other she caressed my brother's hair. I felt her vaginal muscles contract hard around my shaft, and at the same time she must have clamped down on my brother's too, becoz he screamed with pleasure. We thrust into her like devils, and she groaned and moaned and screamed and cried and said that she loved both of us.
None of us had ever felt so good before.
For a full week, the three of us stayed naked in the house, mating like rabbits. We ate just bread, cornflakes and biscuits and made love like there was no end.
My mother has come back by now, and though we cannot roam around the house naked any more, we have started sleeping in the same bed - all three of us together.
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My wife invited my older brother to join us sometime ago but he said he was caught once and didn't want to take another chance, so he declined. My other brother wants to come and live with us for 6 weeks and see if we can get along and he is single but he doesn't know about our open marriage style, so we will see if we can if he will join us.

Beautiful, if true. She must be thrilled to have sex with two brothers - and that way, if she gets pregnant, the genetic makeup^will not be a problem...regardless who actually impregnated the horny little thing.

Well Katenich, liking and loving may be two different things.

I think she was kind of expecting it to happen someday.

What a neat wonderful experience. Does your mother make any comment about all 3 of you sleeping in the same bed?

Surprised!Your elder brother has invited you to **** his wife.I cannot digest it.