I Am A Suicidal Depressed Teen Ask Me Anything

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don't think I have seen it

Mama Mia :o)

What movie?

*dreams about NY style pizza* <br />
mama mia!!!<br />
<br />
Why by the way, have you seen that movie? Do you like Meryl Streep?

Yep :)<br />
<br />
Yeah it was good, but NY pizza trumps all<br />
<br />
The Ice cream was the best tho

Ah! So lucky :o)<br />
Did you try the pizza over there? Was it better than the pizza in the US? <br />
I heard the original pizzas don't have cheese on top of them :p

Beaches, plus already been there and it was pretty and I loved it

Why Italy? :o)


what's a country you would love to visit?


are you a patient person?

Hi<br />
<br />
Sweet food :)

Hi :o)<br />
Would you prefer to eat salty foods, or sweet foods?