I Am A Girl Who Wants To Be A Boy...

I'm just bascally "one of the guys" to my friends. I could care less about how I normally look, I chop my hair off when it gets to the length of my shoulder, I normally don't wear make up (exceptions for my mom during family dinners like christmas), and I just want to be this person. I'm completely against surgery, so I can't do anything except change my name (which I did) from Melanie, to Jimmy. Ask me anything (:
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ok so im a girl and i want to go through all the surgery and become a guy completely do you know how long the surgery is?

i am a performer who wants nothing more than to play the male roles even though i'm a girl in real life truthfuly i'm attracted to woman my talent shows coming up for school and i really want to sing a male song but my schools very homophobic and sexist what should i do should i sing the song i want to and feel comfortable singing and risk rejection from everyone or what they want me to sing and know they will all still like me once its over

Thank you, TwistedSystem. To Mexicat, I've always known I was suppose to be a guy. I know and my creator knows. I'm not really religious, but because of my origin, I do go to ceremonies, and when I am with the women (say, a womans sweat lodge, or a womens night ceremony), something bad happens. I dream of sitting at the larger drum with the men, and grass dancing.

I'm the same way. Not to put words into Jimmy's mouth, but it's not about guys being "anything special." Imagine if suddenly everyone forced you to act like a girl, and expected you to "express your femininity." Would you feel like yourself? I don't feel like a girl, and I don't feel like myself when people treat me like one. It may sound odd, but I feel like my masculinity has been challenged. I talk, think, move, and communicate like a guy. When I go to "girl's nights" I feel lost- like I'm "supposed to" have some kind of special connection/experience with the people around me because of the shared sex, but I just don't. I'm comfortable with guys and understand the way guys act and think, and when I go to "guy's nights," I have that comfortable feeling I'm "supposed" to feel with girls. I have nothing against girls- I just don't feel like one.

What about being a guy appeals to you? I mean, I'm a dude, and I really don't think it's anything special.