I Am A Recovered Anorexic. Ask Me Anything.

I don't really had much to say here, but I don't mind answering questions.
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Hey! So, did you go into an institution or what? Did you find it helpful, at least with stabilizing meal patterns? I did a lot of research and, unfortunately, it seems that it is so easy to relapse, which my experiences support :/

No I did outpacient.

I have CP and Aspergers, into weather, had Anorexia. Please add me

Putting up the facade. I'm not quite sure there is a real state of recovered.<br />
<br />
"We wear the mask that grins and lies. Hides our face and shades our eyes. The death we pay to human guile, with torn bleeding hearts we smile." -Dunbar.

Are you honestly recovered? Or are you just putting up the facade of being recovered.<br />
I have BED and EDNOS.