I Am A High-functioning Sociopath Who's Friends With A Psychopath.

Feel free to ask either of us a question.

We enjoy it immensely.
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Do you ever feel at peace or do you find it difficult to shut your minds down? Is there a limit on the emotional range as some state?

i would really like to know whats it like to be you? (to you and your friend)

those angry "flashes of rage/anger" seem to be a very common trait, and that is exactly what they are like...I go from placid to rage in seconds, and often by others stupidity...but at times it seems like it can be triggered by almost anything...I would say I am about the same in control 90% of the time...wearing the mask that suits the environment. around family I am chatty and interested, friends (few that I have) interesting and fun, strangers open and kind, as usually they are something I need something from. I do tend to avoid having to see people though, it feels like such an obligation to me...which I know will be "painfully" boring. I am a solitary being. <br />
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I totally understand wishing to kill...there are always those that arouse that feeling! but in this day you really must weigh up the repercussions and the probability of success...which seems to be getting smaller by the day...so wise not to go there.

Yes flahes of anger seem to be really common with both psychopaths and sociopaths. I, too, avoid social interactions whenever I can.

are you in total control? is there anything you cannot control? for me it is rage. How do you (legally) satisfy your urges? I don't want you to implicate yourself. What urges do you have?. These questions are directed at the both of you.

Me: I feel like I'm in control 90% of the time. I manipulate others to do my will when I see fit and it works most of the time. However, I find it difficult to control any quick flashes of anger that pop up. Usually out of frustration at others stupidity or my own lack of control regarding some situation. I control my urges and repress them. Although, since I've become friends with a psychopath I can talk very freely with her about any urges I have, and she can do the same.

Friend: There are a lot of things I have a hard time controlling. Mostly, my physical urges like sex and what not. I do these things often enough so that it doesn't get too bad...and since becoming friends with Violetcarp I've been a bit more mellow and "happy" I guess you could say. I really don't get angry or upset or anything. I just can't control my physical urges very well. Violetcarp has been helping me learn to manage them. I get the urge often to kill people. And have come close to doing so once. But stopped myself because Violetcarp said that the repercussions really weren't worth it. Which was true.