I'm A Fun Peson ^^ Ask Me Anything

mostly anyone can ask me anything and i will answer to them i'm just a nice person i love to travel meet new people, do sports, or be a tomboy sometimes i speak 3 different languages and plan to learn more so this is mostly about me XD i like Anime, cake, and life nothing more
123unhappyrefrian 123unhappyrefrian
18-21, F
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What 3 languages do you speak?

spanish, japanese and learning chinese and korean

That is really amazing. What made you learn all of them?

I'm half Chinese and Spanish also I like the culture and tradition

That's cool, & I like japanese culture too.

Cool you should add me

Ok, just did.

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what kind of boyfriend you would like?choose?...can you describe it...

well i like fun, active, cute boys kind of girlish if not manly and someone who is nice and caring ^^