I Am A Witch. Ask Me Anything!

I'm always happy to answer questions concerning witchcraft. I don't care what it is, but if I feel like you are being rude I will return rudeness in kind.
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That last sentence reminded me of the Wiccan Rede, as that intentional or did I read into that too much?
Are you a Wiccan? And is that different from a witch?

Also, how did you get introduced to witchcraft?

Sorry, whole bunch of questions at once...

No, the wiccan rede simply touches on the subject of karma. I just get tired of rude people. I am not wiccan. A wiccan may call themself a witch, but not all witches are wiccan. Wicca is a new religion based on some ideas of ancient witchcraft, stunted by many new ideas of la la fluffiness. (Not an insult. I like wicca and was wiccan for years) Those who practice witchcraft attempt to delve further into its ancient practice, before things were omitted to become acceptable by modern society. I was born with memories of ancient practice, and even practicing them until I came across the words pagan and witch. I began research and quickly realized what I was

Is there a spell to reignite love? My wife has lost her love for me as I fell into an abyss of after flashbacks to brutality I blacked out in denial for 23 years.
I finally got the demons to rest in peace after realizing the more I ran and fought the stronger they got, so I let them in and put them to rest. As soon as I was healthy enough, my wife said she has had enough. How Ironic, that as I become free of a demon that haunted me and also invaded our marriage, she is through. I truly believe great things are on my horizon and after 2 years of falling, I am rising and want to take my wife on this new journey. Do you have any ideas on how to start the healing and open her heart to me again?

By the way, I believe in what is unseen. I sense when people die who I know or are near me. I try to ignore the sensation, then the phone will ring and news of loss. My grandmother had the same gift. On a drive we take to our summer house, I see a girl in my mind who drove a red Camaro, who was raped and killed on wooded stretch. I can feel her reaching for her grieving parents and crying for her lost life and innocence. It happened for two years and then stopped. I hope she was able to move on from the suffering.

My house has a ghost of a man who has been seen by my wife and daughter crying out to run away. The original owner of the house lost his brother on this property and think he is trapped here. I feel his presence, but can not communicate with him. I would like to help him find his peace,

I feel you are a helpful spirit. If I am asking too much, please forgive my intrusion.

Hi MagickMamma! I've been meaning to ask you, do you have any tips on how to astral project? I've never been very good at it. To date, I've never actually been able to do so.

The biggest problem most have is relaxing. Even when you get your body relaxed, your mind is still going. It is easier for those who meditate regularly I think. The idea is to let your body fall asleep as it normally would, but to stay concious. It isn't easy for some, and one little thought can bring back awareness of your physical body which can prevent you from leaving it. Practice practie. Some say that you should always try projection in a way that prevents you from just falling asleep. I have found it easier to project in much the same way as I would normally go to bed. One of the best techniques I have read, which worked great for me, is to get up super early in the morning. Sit up for about 20-30 mins doing whatever, but don't eat and don't take in caffine. Read a book or just look out the window, something calm and quiet. Then lay back down. I found that when I do this, I am out almost instantly! It's a bit jarring when you hear the weird loud buz of energy, but once you get past that part you should have no problems. Let me know if this works for you.

So what is wicthcraft exactly

Witchcraft can be different things to different people. To me it is an understanding and practice of magick, experiencing the spirit world, and comminicating with higher self and the Divine. Witchcraft is practiced in countless ways that vary from person to person.

Okay now i just thought of another thing you said magik and dont take this the wrong way but so u can do spells and stuff and when you say the spirit world you mean ghost right

Spells, yes. Curses, no. Ghosts, elementals, spirit guides, the astral plains, etc. No offense taken.

Ok so like what kinda spells

Healing, prosperity, protection, spells for psychic work, wisdom, creativity, just about anything.

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