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i like hugging which is warmth.

Have you gotten into a fight?

Gahhhh this is the only post that makes for easy conversations the others maybe when it wanna go for a more serious convo and trust me we're not there yet ..... So you're stranded on a deserted island you can take 3 yes 3 things with you what would you take?

id defs need food, a speed boat (to escape), and fuel for the boat. :)
lol i really need to update my stories.

Lol yeah you do so much about guys such a typical teenage girl haha
I expected more from your answer though haha

you and your expectations! i can live without technology, so thats not an issue lol

Ahaha you wouldn't be able to charge that **** anyway lol unless you took a generator
So lil miss what would you do without water on said island?

arent islands surrounded by water?

You can't drink that water it's too salty ... There is a way but I wanna see if you figure it out since you are miss perfect ;)

im not miss perfect LMAO. um, cant you somehow boil the water using rocks/friction method to create fire, use coconuts to collect water for boiling. Steam given off should be pure water, use a piece of clothing held above the steam to collect water. Wring out when wet into another container. i would hope thats pure water lol!

Lol you're thinking too hard just collect the rain water into a bowl made from a coconut shell simples ... Hahaha I still think of you as miss perfect

seriously? i was expecting something more technical and complicated lol. no way near perfect!

Lol surprisingly awesome right .... *pokes* hehe miss perfect cause you're totally perfect ;)

shutup kiddo. thats like me saying youre perfect, when in actual fact youre not! :P

I take pride in my imperfections you take pride in your perfections •^• it's okay *pats head* perfection looks good on you ;)

i dont take pride in anything! stop being judgemental lol

I'm so not judgemental .... If I were I never woulda talked to you cause usually pretty people are dullards

thats why they say, dont judge a book by its cover.

Swallowing a compliment like nothing maybe I wasn't wrong lolol
The only exceptions to that rule is 50 shades of grey and twilight which look **** and surprise surprise they totally are

ive always been the worst at taking compliments lolll. before i finished the last sentence, i thought you were going to say that they're good! ive only read the first twilight book, and all of the 50 shades series.

All? Oh god .... ..... ...... .... Umm okay you do know its like book **** yes and the writing ability is ..... Poor at best

no **** its a **** book. i read it to see what the whole craze was about. definitely not worth it!

I was just checking ... I mean the fact that you read all of them .... Huu huhu sees someone enjoyed them ... And most women deny it's **** and call it erotica ..... Posh book **** =_=

the first book wasnt bad. but yeah, some bits were just too much. it was during my year 12 exams lol, anything to get away from studying.

Poor to get away from exams hahaha you sound like a guy this is actually pretty interesting haha

like a guy? insulting LOL. i dont see the harm in reading it.

Hehe no harm it just sucked harder then a Henry vacuum cleaner *shrugs* .... Miss perfect has a kinky side •//////•

wouldnt call it my kinky side lol.

Hehehe oh my so it's so normal to you it's not even kinky -blushes- haha I hope you're this interesting in real life ;)

youre taking it out of context lmaoo. i dont see how this is interesting!

Hehe me? Noooooooo it's perfectly acceptable I like it I like it lolol

ill shutup now!

Haha noooo I was only messing I like finding out new stuff about you -blushes-

yeah yeah yeah. get upto much today? or were you lazing around as usual?

Aha you know me ..... Lazing around ... I'm gonna go through my equity lecture today since all our lectures are online ahah .... Wait that's something you dislike about me right my laziness

as if your lectures are online? ****, thats so unfair! i have to go to uni twice a week just to listen to that crap. i didnt say anything about not liking your laziness

Oh 😏 so you like my laziness yay lolol
Umm I still have to go in minimal twice a week I've got like some sort or bi-weekly timetable

i totally love your laziness!
thats not bad still, stop complaining lol

How can you love it when that's totally against your drive of being lead by success I just love how different we are
Yah but if I do like work experience in a firm I'll literally get 1 day off every two weeks =_=

its good to be different! oh i see, are yous expected to apply for work experience yourself, or does the uni organise it for you?

By ourselves out uni is the chilled relaxed sort that does **** all for us
Ahaha maybe we get a long on an intellectual level lolol ;)

thats like mine. it sucks though, people that have contacts score the jobs.
yep, youre not as silly as i thought!

Silly? Haha I have my silly side simply to cope with the lack of intelligence that surrounds me without dropping to their level ... I can be myself around you 😉
Haha yeah the contacts that some have make it totally unfair

im glad you consider me to be some-what intelligent lmaooo.

Hehe you'll realise how much I think of you once you meet some of my friends ....... Looool

not sure if they sound like people that id like to meet!

I did say that it's unlikely you'll get along with them but you have to meet them *poke* for me *insert cute face*

very poor attempt at being cute! are your mates similar to you, or different?

Ah completely different ... Well I think it's fine for me not to be cute

haha likewise. i tend to get along better with people that are different. if theyre exactly the same, then we have clashes.

Lol I've never met anyone like me tbh .... Apparently I'm pretty weird in the sense I fit no stereotypes and I'm pretty different lolol

you dont actually fit any stereotypes lol. be glad that you dont!

Hahaha I dunno it limits the people I can hang with haha I get along with everyone but only a few draw my attention ... Lucky you lol

i rarely get along with people, no joke lol. they just find a way to **** me off, or vice versa.
not sure if id consider myself to be lucky haha

Haha I get along with people cause I'm civil ... Aww I meant unlucky haha cause you're one of the few that interest me ;)

im pretty civil too..sometimes. you're pretty interesting too, despite your weird taste in thing lol.

Sometimes? .... Sometimes? .. Dafuq I have to put up with mayday parade insults and all I get is a sometimes

i put up with 1D insults, i think we're even :)

No no no 1D is totally a boy band you can't deny it

boy-band or not, theyre damn good

Don't water down the word good the lyrics terrible, the music oh wait nope they don't play instruments they're just trash

theyre fantastic, brilliant, amazing and what not. the whole instrumental music thing (mayday parade) sounds pathetic.

I swear they brain wash chicks don't they and nope mayday with they're awesome lyrics they're badass beat they're too awesome for you to comprehend

lol, what makes you think they brainwash chicks? omfg, i keep getting 3 notifications from you, and its frustrating the living daylights out of me.

I have 4 lol they're not ******* going ... Aww your notifications love me ;)
Haha cause 1D are **** and you should be intelligent enough to know

i think jealously brings out hate lol :P
haha trust, theyre ******* me off!

Jealously pshhtt nope jealous of something that has no talent?

jealous that these young teenagers actually worked hard, and are successful!

Worked hard ...... They came off a talent show love .... I'd respect them a little had they made it on their own Lawson did and they're awesome

its not easy sticking around on a talent show. you still have to be very skilled.i dont mind lawson

Bull crap they were Horrible and the talent show isn't based on talent it's by popularity .. Lawson are epic

why do people become popular? perhaps because they actually have talent, and other people see potential in them. you really need to listen to their music LOL

I have is the saddest part the lyrics are uber shallow the best song is the one ed sheeran wrote the videos are ultra super level gay and nope its because they're young boys and horney teens and cougars voted them to stay

cougars voted them to stay? hahahaha omg i cant

Lol I've heard old women say they'd like to break them in and show them what a real woman can do *shudders*

lol thats too funny, oh god.

No its not its the only ever time I felt sympathy for them cause if she got her hands one of them she'd **** them not the other way around

its better than them having a badass image, where they think they can **** whoever they want.

im off now. may your hatred towards 1D diminish! laters

Harry does **** whoever he wants ..... i know hes a ***** but still
Lolol Talk to me soon

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Ok what is ur age


It's ok I send u a message did u get that


I like honest people like u I had a friend she was also 100% honest but she met with a car accident and now she is not anymore...

sorry to hear that.

Disney films... Yay or Nay?

yay! you can never go wrong with disney

Exactly! Favourite Disney film?

ive always loved the lion king and finding nemo, despite my age :)

Ah it doesn't matter about age when it comes to Disney imo. Yea Lion King always gets me.

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Right honesty I hear you say so I ask you this what qualities do you like to see in a guy that you could see yourself being with?

And ...... this has been bugging me for more than I am proud of ....... What the hell do you like in a song :/

id want a guy that appreciates me for what i am. i hate guys that would try and change me. he needs to have an amazing personality. someone that listens to me **** talk, and wont judge. i honestly dont want the hottest guy. ive tried that before, and they just have the biggest ego.

lol, anything with a good beat.

That's fair enough I feel like you would go for another hot guy though .... as my friend says you always have a type and you always end up going for something completely against that

I call bullshit the only good beat 1D have is when I'm finally in a room alone with them using a sledge hammer

well, if hes hot and is A+ in the other sections, then thats a bonus. but i wouldnt reject the nicest guy, just because theyre average looking. lol your taste in music is screwed hahaha!

What about a loveable idiot who is lazy but intelligent yet so interesting he makes you tingle all over ... one major flaw being he's emotionally stunted *looks at you with puppy dog eyes biting lip slightly with head cocked to one side* (FYI for the life of me I can't pull this look off If I could I'd be lethal)
And lady please my taste is total ownage badass mamajamming stuff I look for meaning in my songs when my world has none at all

it all just depends on the person at the end of the day. if you click, then that should be enough. lol your expressions are such a fail. i like meaningful songs too, but they must have a good beat. eg: 1D. you know its true :P

Lol no rather than admit 1D have a good beat I would rather cut off my left bollock and let me tell you over the years I have rather grown attached to lefty
Pahaha you're way to hard to read not an easy one I see I like that

i feel the same way when i listen to the mayday parade songs. lol, im not that hard to read.

I'm kinda worried if you have bollocks tbh
And nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo screw you Mayday Parade are wicked they're badman like Frutella (Anuvahood reference ..... awful film don't watch it)
Aha no you're a lil more complex then you give yourself credit for but I'll work it out

lol i dont have bullocks. i was referring to the hatred towards certain music! anuvahood? never even heard of it.

It's some British comedy gangster **** oh crap I just clocked Australian horror flicks are pretty badasses we gotta go to one when I'm over there .... You're spending all your time with me if I come •^•
And wait what's wrong with Mayday Parade?

im definitely not a horror person lmao. ive only ever seen one complete scary movie. dont like the background music!

The conjuring? And haha you have to take me I'm you're awesome as hell guest I have to take you to a ****** Man U game >_<

yeah the conjuring. i just cant handle horror! well, you can watch the movies alone lol

Wow that's mean .... d( ̄  ̄) ones second *must not cry must stay strong* ....。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。.... Ahhh I don't wanna go Australia no more you're a meanie

LOL just putting it out there. i can watch any other movie, except horror!

Oh yay I wanna watch loads and loads of movies with you •^•
What's your fave film then?

i dont really have a favourite tbh. i go for pretty much anything thats funny.

Fine we'll watch Disney films Aladdin is basically about me •^•
Funny ...... Funny ....... Not many films are lol I mean Bridesmaids was **** your pants funny ..... But most are **** oh I liked This Is The End this year lolol

your choice in movies seems decent LMAO.

>_> decent?

well, better than your song choice hahaha. so sorry for the slow replies. had visitors over. and they take forever to leave.

I like to make sure they know where the door is when they first come in ..... jk I'm never at home when guests come Asian families are too hard to deal with
And I gotta say its more your taste that sucks but I will open your eyes to better things haha

lol and when they have kids, they expect me to entertain them. i cant stand kids. they are annoying little brats. what nationality are you, if you dont mind me asking?

OMG me too can't stand kids they irk me to no end .... woo a similarity sweet
Haha my parents are from Bangladesh .... small country next to India not particularly worth knowing

one of my close friends is from bangladesh, so it sounds familiar haha. :)
it ***** me when little kids get food in their hands, and touch my phone/laptop. could seriously slap them one.

I hate it when they go all stubborn and touch my **** =_= I'm like no just no
Umm imma gonna be honest I'm not particularly close about being from Bangladesh literally went once and the only gift it gave me was severe stomach pains and chronic diarrhoea

LOLOLLLL i think you need to visit bangladesh once a year! get used to it, you know. dont blame you, i think ill be in a similar state once im back from viet.

Haha no sending messages to me from the ******* and nope not going back my ties aren't that strong and I wanna see the rest of the world
Aha my phone seems obsessed with you the app told me 4 times that you sent me a message just to make sure I replied .... ******* phone =_=

does this site have an app for phones or something? i actually wouldnt mind visiting india and bangladesh. they seem like interesting places. lots to learn from there i think.

Just take a **** ton of stomach meds and you'll be a-ok and I'd go India maybe Pakistan ..... nah not there actually I wanna go Japan for sure
Yah theres a really **** Iphone app thats how i talk to you at work lol

omg i didnt know hahaha. i should download it too. i take stomach meds every time i go overseas, yet i still manage to get sick. why japan?

C'mon you can totally work it out .... total geeks .... Japan is like the holy land ... you can come with if you want *shrugs*
Next summer I may go either Philippines or America

geek fascination, i totally forgot about that. neh, japan doesnt really intrigue me. america for the win :D

Haha we are polar opposites how do we even converse?

opposites do attract!

Isn't that what that god awful show Beauty and the Geek was about haha ................. ahhh crap I'm the geek

i couldnt stand that show. the girls were so unbelievably fake and stupid.

The fricking geeks were useless gave a shocking bad name to us and I was like dafuq everytime one of them spoke to a girl he looked like he was gonna **** himself
That show was horrible .... we would have totally owned it if we were on it though lolol

hahaha omfg tell me about it! glad im not the only one that thought it was a stupid show. of course we would've done a better job lol.

I watched the last episode in hopes that the geeks got ..... well more normal ..... all that happened was they got more two faced and bitchy

you better not become two faced and bitchy! otherwise, ill be sending a slap your way

Haha then I'll say this you better never change either .... In all fairness It was the chicks that changed the geeks so it's you that would change me o.O corrupting my mind using 1D and Man U =_= terrible

stop blaming the girls! look whose talking, the man that corrupts my mind with mayday parade and other horrible music lol

That's educating you can't deny their lyrics are impressive

not as impressive as youre making it sound. would think that 1D lyrics are on the same level

Oh now that was uncalled for and unnecessary comparing "I think it went oh, oh, oh, I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah, I think it goes oh" to "No, it's not, supposed to hurt this much, But when someone slowly breaks it off, It tends to leave a bitter taste, A scar, that slowly rips apart" ......... Pshhttttt please Maydae for the win

lets not debate about this again, because we all know that i won! :P

We? Who the hell is we .... Pshhhtttttt standard typical pretty girl approach lolol can't win an argument and yet say you won

You really dont have valid reasons as to why you hate 1D. as for me, i have no issues with maydays lyrics, but i cant stand the music. whats your excuse lol? as for their lyrics, theyre clean and non derogatory.

They're shallow and manufactured It's like I'd rather have a girl with flaws and imperfections rather than a bouncy fluffy human barbie doll .... I'm sorry but they is no feeling in their music it's made to be popular with a catchy beat not make you feel anything inside or tell you how the artist was feeling

is it true that guys hate people like 1D and JB because theyre young and famous?

Some do I have my reasons beyond that Bieber is just disrespectful, spitting on his fans, cancelling gigs and coming late without apologising and what he wrote in Ann Franks diary was appalling .... As for 1D it's they're manufactured floating their popularity that I hate they wouldn't know good music even if it hit them in the face.

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What kind of friend do u like to be your bestfriend?

amazing personality, not too serious. they need to be able to understand me. i like people that are down to earth, and dont boast about what they have. nor do i like people that try to get sympathy from others. i hate two faced people. they shouldnt judge me, just as i wouldnt judge them.

Hmm when u said I hate two faces people u remind one of my fri before n now she not any more

what is your EP Password

nice try.

lol "100% honest"

excludes smart *** questions.

What are the three things in life you couldn't live without?
And describe yourself in a song title ^_*

trust you to come up with something complicated.
three things ( no particular order):
1) being surrounded by amazing family and friends.
2) having a sense of freedom. being able to experience what i want, making mistakes, and learning from them.
3) A mind that believes it’s possible.

song: i think hero (mariah carey). she's still one of the best singers around. She gives hope, confidence and keeps applying the "still believe in yourself" motto all the time.

Hehe well can't make it easy for you, you must entertain me •^•
Haha but I do love your answers my song is "call me hopeless but not a romantic" by mayday parade
But you never fail to amuse me I'm starting to crave your attention >_<

i actually havent heard of that song, must look it up. LOL, i dont think i can take you seriously anymore!

Ahaha nooooo don't say that >_< that's mean I'm always serious •^•
Haha I dunno if you'll like Mayday Parade but I have to get you to listen to better music mission in life accepted hehe

im pretty outdated when it comes to music, so that would be appreciated. i hope your taste in music is better!
lol bs, i dont think youre ever serious.

Oh poopy you already know me too well, well sometimes I'm seriously but I had deadly fears of rejection so I tend to distance myself >_< I'm emotionally retarded sorry in advance lol
Yesh I have awesome taste in music I'll recommend you loads but I love the lyrics that's what makes me like the music I like

its normal to be scared of rejection, thats probably something i fear too. dude,stop being so hard on yourself. youre fine! and if youre retarded, be sure that i'll let you know. lol kidding. im more of a lyrics person too. couldnt careless if its someone hot or ugly singing it.

Pssshhttt I don't see you as the shallow type so you have to live up to that ... Listen to somewhere in neverland by all time low and let me know what you think I love the lyrics ^_^

i hate the music to that song lol. the words are good, but i cant stand the beat!

O.o dude that totally sucks the awesome guitar riffs the banging bass line it's totally awesome what about love like war by them
Wendy run away with me ...... Too awesome =_=

hahaha omg i dont think i like your taste in music so far!

Eh well I think I kinda more or less ... Wait *deadly serious face mode with a touch of sexiness* uhnm so I think cause you're taste varies so much from mine it's kinda like opposites attract and I'm kinda more intrigued or something =_=
Anyways try "if it mean a lot to you" by a day to remember or "the story of your life" by we are the kings

yeah yeah :P
alright, theyre getting much better lmao, and sound more pleasant than the first few.

Hehe listen to "I wanna be free" by panic at the disco and anything by mayday parade they're pretty awesome

i like i wanna be free. ive actually never heard of these songs! are they like really old or something?

No lol like a year old haha
Listen to transit "so long so long" I love the part that goes "sweep me away I wanna feel like I'm in the right place take me lets run away run away run away I'll be your run away run away run away" >_<

lol, im zero when it comes to music. i discover songs that have been out for like 10 years. your taste is surely improving!

Oh no it's totally not my taste is just awesome it's you're just understanding how awesome it is slowly but surely

youre not into very mainstream music, correct?

Remember you said that you thought I wasn't the type to follow trends so you should know the answer haha
And you know what when you come over here I'll take you to as many concerts as we can hit ^_^

i was spot on lol. um excuse me, but i think YOURE the one that needs to visit australia first!

I'd be moving there anyways gosh ..... Well I might try and come just to see you right ;) well I actually wanna live there haha
And pshhhtttt it'll be more fun when you come here I'd take you everywhere

i actually need a holiday. but im going to vietnam in christmas. lol why would you want to move to australia? its a hole. i actually want to get out of here. america seems to fascinate me. but then again, ceebs studying law all over again

Umm in terms of that go Cali your degree should apply you'll need to do something like an LLM and then the New York bar to go there though .... See I'm not just a pretty face mainly cause I don't wanna stay here
Vietnam wow I've got a friend from there they served her meat saying it was dog turned out to be monkey haha

you sure it still applies? i thought they were way different. that is ferral. please dont put me off! im already having low expectations about it lol

Hahah I should be right about it well from here at least but your degree should be similar to mine so should be the same
Hahah I think her fam were ******* with her lol

alright alright, you smart cookie. lol i hope they were. i just dont want to end up with food poisoning or anything.

Hehe smart me nah I just show a tiny bit of intelligence so you'll be attracted to me ;)
Umm well why don't you come over to the uk then? Lol it's a **** hole but I'd be able to see you all the time •^•

trust me, im not that interesting lol. youd get sick of me in less than a day. i can guarantee that haha!

Psshht hells nah lemme see that for myself I'm not that interesting I'm just a geek an immature one at that so we can be boring together ^_^

even geeks are more interesting lol. do you wear glasses?

Lol no I'm a geek in terms of liking Sci Fi and stuff
But I already find you interesting

do you watch the big bang theory? everyone finds me interesting :) lol jks.

Yah of course I do lol •^• apparently I'm a cross between a Raj and Leonard =_=

i cant even imagine what a combination of raj&leonard would be like lolll.

Come over and meet then ;)

oh stop pretending to sound so keen!

Haha I'm very keen though >_<

well. get your butt to australia asap. then youll have a lovely person to meet :D

Aha you're so mean you know how much I'd love to do that =_=
Well next summer but you'd have to spend all your time with me •^•

now thats asking for too much! only if youre not boring, and you help me get a job at a law firm. deal?

Now that's asking for a hell of a lot more than I am lol ... I'm willing to accept you even if you're boring >_< which I do doubt you'll be
Law firm interesting considering I haven't even got a place haha

ill take that as a yes lol. please, finish your degree and start applying. and then, your trip to aussie-land. wooo.

Haha psshht lucky I like you or them demands are pretty high lol
And I'm sure if nothing we can entertain each other

im not very entertaining, let me tell you that! oh stop it, i havent even started demanding just yet.

Ahaha I don't mind so long as it's you -blushes-
Ah I don't know how entertaining I am I mean you'll either love me (which I'm hoping you will ;)) or hate me profusely haha

haha, you seem to be fine; not in my bad books just yet.
im off now. enjoy the rest of your day. night!

Hahah that's good sleep well I have to work now been slacking talking to you
Tomorrow we shall talk properly cause it's my day off lolol

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what is ur favorite place to visit and drink

Would you put a naked pic up? And ifso could I ********** to it?

no i wouldnt.

Do you prefer to cook or eat outside ?

prefer to cook, because im a picky eater!

*high five* me too..

A kind soul is the best, but nature is nature, u would more likely date an attractive fit guy,looks can change, and u seem nice, if u could go for unattractive guy u would be rewarded by god, as u could change his destiny for life, he would get confidence from u, I was ugly, met a attractive girl who had been sexually abused who picked me over attractive men because she didn't want to go sleep with men, so picked me as I wasn't a predictor male and safe, I was opposite of her father who abused her at 10 ' I am slightly disabled not got a 8 inch willy or strong erection, this is what she wanted as her father had those traits, evil man, she wanted a child so she allowed me sex 3 times, she had a normal boy whose grown up physically like her father, nature won their, but god can beat nature as he gave me a attractive beautiful son, perfect with good nature, u see children r god given, her father was given2 but god took them away from evil, u pick kind man attractive or not u can have attractive kids both ways, god will give u that if u have the heart, don't go for bad men even if they attract u , if like me he only has a 2 inch willy n disabled, god will not pass that on willingly to u children, my son is 16 now does bodybuilding n has a nine inch willy, I am disabled no erection n one inch willy, obese ugly hairy bum no prospects, bald with no attractive features, but kind soul, I saved that girl from suicide, she had 2 daughters healthy with new fella, yes n he has small willy, kind with average looks, life's a test no nimble, please reply as my son died last year in road accident he's always 16, god took him, not useless me, but I always had the best soul, my girlfriend was never my girlfriend just best pal who wanted a baby we had similar tragedy in life, funerals are worst think in life, babies the best, enjoy men non scrib, rich man poor man some near to gods gifts, I hate life today, corrie n eastenders and my mum, I live for to respect here, by the way I've been up their near god once, your future looks good, but don't laugh if new boyfriend as a tiny willy, it's him that count, never worry to much, my brother got film star looks, everythink n can't get a women, what chance me, but god knows u destiny non scribed honey bunch, one inch Walter call me, I can laugh, face like a bag of scanners, u lovely face,respect supported bra authenticity truth, reply or call Sam maritions, grief hurts

What is your favorite thing to study and why?

whats it like being so gorgeous?

i don't know what it's like to be 'gorgeous'. but I know that being happy with yourself and the way you are, is the best thing ever. have a high self esteem.

i think its a lot harder having selfesteem when your unattractive like me,

would you ever date an unattractive man if he had a kind soul?

most likely, yes.

If price and worth mean the same thing, why priceless and worthless are opposites?
Or rather i ask what you think of my butt..Is It Manly?

What would you do if I sang out of tune?

nothing really. my vocals aren't any better.

nicee it's from a song. Anyway, what is your favorite drink?

Name your Top 3 favorite law/legal movies. Also any law/legal books, fiction or otherwise, for commoners without a law-academic background. ( I love Law)

I don't actually have favorite movies. as for the books, i like:
1) the nine: inside the secret world of the supreme court.
2) the rule of law.
3) Cheshire and Fifoots criminal law.
for those that don't know about law, then I suggest a book called 'the art of deduction'. It's about Sherlock Holmes.

Great. Thank you. Will look up those books.

are you attracted to males or females? Did you have any experience of sex so far?

males. And no I haven't.

are you still in school and anyone special at the moment?

in my first year of uni. and no, no one special.

really with a model look like you wow does the men in australia is crosseyes?hhmmmmbut you are really so pretty and adorable woman.tnx

lol, no they're not cross eyed. i had a pretty bad experience with the first guy. so that explains it. and Thankyou :)

OK, this might ask you for a long answer to explain, but what hell; here I shoot: I'm a block and I don't know what women/girls dream about while idling during the day.
What kinds of things pass through a girl's mind while being busy at nothing... ?

nonnibe, you are truly gorgeous. from your stories that i have read, you seem like the kind that hates attention.
how many relationships have you been in?

I've always hated the attention, which is why I never considered dating until I was eighteen. and to answer your question, one.