I Am A Teenage Lesbian Ask Away

ask away and ill answer anything you have for me. i might message you instead of posting it but i will answer anything!!
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Have you ever had sex with a guy, I mean really good sex so you know what the other side is like. Nothing wrong with enjoying both.

So I've been really clsoe friend with this girl for a long while,a nd would trust her with my life.

However recently I can not come to ignore the fact I feel a certain attraction to her, I'm bi-curiouse and have onlye ver been attracted to one other female in my life.

I'm not sure how tor espond to this, I don't find her sexually attractive, more than I find her attractive as a person and caring.

I'm going through emotional comfustion, as the idea of datine her is more than appealing.

I'm not sure how to tell her this, since my real freinds take this as a luagh.

Do I tell her. I'm not even sure if she feels that way back, and our freindship is so close I don't want to ruin it.

I am female by the way.

Also I don't even know her sexuality last I asked she just replied with I don't know so


I find it brave and exciting that you search for what you desire. That takes courage. When did you first know your desires and how hard was it to act on it?

Lol I've always known really.. My first attempt on doing anything scared me but I was just so horny I just went for it

I am a 13 yr old closeted lesbian. Do you have any advice on coming out? I feel that my friends and family need to know the truth but if they do i'm scared they might hate me.

Be carful who you tell...but most people who care figure it out before you tell them anyways

i think i m bisexual... what are the few traits of a bisexual.?
and if i am bisexual, what should i do?

I am not bisexual.. i am just lesbo! You like what you like... you can't change who you are. exept yourself and in time everything will work out