I Am A Bisexual Ask Me Anything

I am bi I'm proud to say so and will answer any of your questions.
maroon5luver maroon5luver
18-21, F
9 Responses Jul 24, 2013

Have you ever sucked another girl's nipples? Have you had yours sucked? Do you play with your nipples a lot when you **********?

Spread eagle and fingered

A 6\" index finger is ready to make your body tremble, roll your eyes and groan uugh, uughm as you climax.

A girl tongue ******* me and useing a vibrator at the same time

What makes you *** the fastest?

Best thing about being with a girl is that they know what feels good and I have never been with a boy I have only kissed one and I like boys and girls equally

im bi too an was wonder which u like better boys or girls or if it equal? i like girls a little bet more but i love some guys too!

what is the best part about being with a girl and on the flip side what is the best part of being with a boy

No it has never happened and I have never been in a fist fight wver

have you ever been hit in the crotch area during a fight or something ? if yes..how did it happen ? and what were you wearing when it happened?