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I Am A Former Teen Prostitute....ask Me Anything?

 I don't know.

Possibly an interesting topic.

strangetimes7 strangetimes7 18-21, F 137 Responses Oct 14, 2009

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question, in Germany prostitution is legal, thus it has law binding contracts.

if the employer keeps extending the contract, is there a way to take legal action to end it.

You know what, I'm not in a location where it is legal, so I can't tell ya.

does the vagina get all used up if you have sex with every day for 20 years

Oh my god, you haven't learned about how vaginas work yet. They're elastic and have contracting muscles.
I bet you think a tight vag is a good thing when it simply means she's not aroused.

Ok here it comes. First, a question that probably makes me a bad person, when was your first anal experience and did you enjoy it? Second, what made you decide to be a prostitute?

First time was during the prostitution it was seriously so painful and frightening at the time I just kept repeated $300 in my mind as he ****** me so hard, my face was smashed against the bed post, and I could barely breathe, I was drooling and trying to stop myself from crying.

I became one because I was sexually abused as a child and had no connection to my body at that point. I grew up with authorities telling me I was going to become a ***** and a drug addict living on the streets, so I felt it was inevitable. I also victimized myself to my parents and ran away thinking that I could take care of myself. I was prostituting myself for money to travel and to pay for college.

Good luck guys, Only you can solve yourselves. Nothing I say is going to change that.

How can I jack off better?

Learn how a **** works.

ive been thinking about prostituting a lot lately how can i get started without a pimp?

Why do you want to do that? Not judging, just curious. Be careful. You could be violently punched in your belly until your forced to submit then bred without being paid. Gang rape is also probable. You may say you won't let that happen but after seven or eight solid punches to your belly then being tied spread eagle, you will not be able to stop them from violating your vagina. Be careful who you pick. Only go for men who treat you nice. No guarantees. Wish you well.

Hey I can help u . I'm doing the same

Come on, read this thread.

Im currently a teen prostitute , anything I should look out for ?

Being repeatedly and violently punched in your belly and breasts while your arms are held behind your back, tied above your head or you could be sitting in a chair with your arms tied. A taser could also be held to your areoles, pressed into your bellybutton or touched between your legs sending strong volts of electricity through your body.


In that line of work, you have to admit chances are good that a girl will be beaten up and raped. I just said what reality is.

Look out for your soul, baby babe. The most damage I received was psychological. Granted, I was in it for a week. Why do you think you're doing it?

im doing it because its easy & fast money ,I can support myself ,im helping some of those guys out ,& ive simply been waiting for a opportunity like this since I was 13 .

Are you saving any for retirement? What will you do after your 50? Still be a prostitute? Live on welfare?

Another thought. Be careful and trust your gut if you ever doubt meeting someone. Good luck in your future decisions.

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How would you be able to tell if a girl is a prostitute without her telling you straight up. Some clues I have she always have large amounts of money without working. She says I might change her from her ways. And always have hair and nails did... any help?

I would say the numbness in themselves. If you're in a relationship with them or are aspiring to be, and they seem distant with love. Just listen to their views on sex or men. I had a very skewed sense of both at the time. But do not confuse this with an empowered woman who isn't prude about sex or self respect.

Did you ever have an ****** with a client?

No, I have only received it from one person other than myself, and we were both in love at that point.

Will a prostitute wear a leotard for a guy if he asked her to?

I mean, if she has one or if he has one, I bet.

(1) Have you ever had your arms held behind your back then been violently punched in your belly and or boobs? (2) If so, how old were you? (3) If thugs were going to beat you up by punching you in your breasts, belly and crotch, would you prefer to be (a) sitting in a chair, arms tied behind you. (B) Standing, arms held behind your back. (C) Suspended by your wrists with your belly stretched. (D) Tied spread eagle.

Not down for any such thing and never been a part of such things.

Ok thanks for responding. Even though your not down for such a thing, I'm sure you understand that it could happen. Hopefully not to you. Thanks again.

So 2 questions; who, what, why did you get into this profession
and ; how , why did you get out and stay out.

I've explained this a lot through this thread.
I got out because the Fbi found me, and I was sent away.
The second time I did it a year later, I came home and cried in my kitchen because I realized that I wasn't meant for such things.
I stayed out because I left all of the people I surrounded myself by, the drugs that I was doing, and the town that I was living in.

What happens if your client ********** before your time together is over?

I honestly don't remember.
It was six years ago.
They probably just talked and shared a cigarette and asked me questions.

You do any kind of sexual activites depending on the fees ?

Limits existed.

How do you think you can give advice and know anything about that game if you only played it for a week? I'm not trying to be rude but just being real. Sorry for what you went through but it seems like you wanted to do it for your own needs and not what happen to you because I know a lot of people that went through worst and didnt go that route. Hope you learned from that experience and god bless. And prays go out to the girls that are in that game because they feel like they have no other choice

I\'m not claiming anything, man. I don\'t give a **** about being some kind of expert in this \"game\". I don\'t care about that game at all. I\'m just talking about what happened and answering questions.

I understand this is not an advise column but a question and answer column. To me you have street experience and life experience and for some that is what it takes to make it. Keep answering, like your doing. Some times it\'s not right or wrong answers, just advise.

Yeah, I don't like the fact that they're considering that I'm trying to give advise as if I know anything about it, but if someone is asking me a question about it or asking for advice, I'll say what I know. It happened five years ago for such a short about of time, and four years ago again for the same, so I can't give much. And saying that people went through worse and didn't go that route is pretty ignorant because every human being is different and responds in different ways. I own up to my own self victimization at that age, but last year, I gained repressed memories that made me realize that I was molested a lot as a child and raped, and so I can now see why I had such a skewed relationship with sex and why I used it for power in such a soulless way. I am aware of the poor kids who are forced into it, and that is on a completely different level, but it does not mean that what I did to myself wasn't a horrible and detrimental experience.

What happens if a teenage boy calls a prostitute service

True dat.

new comer to this post and i m truly sorry for that because i want to scream THANK YOU! thanks for your honesty andyour advice and your patience with some of the more ignorant repleys:)

Hey , Im a 15 Year old girl that lives in arlington, texas . I wanted to know how do you get in the buissness ? like im trying to find a job that i can get quick money , please help me .

Read this thread, girl.

Quick money brings years of trauma.

THANK YOU! It's nice to see an answer like that. I so wish I had those seven years of my life to do over again. People don't know how depressing am
Nd demeaning it is to sell yourself. Thanks for being honest.

Yeah man, seven years must have been gnarly.
I only did it for a week, and it was about two years of mental *****.

By the end I was stoned, or drunk, pretty much every waking hour. In those seven years I was raped, robbed, beaten up. I was a mess. Every day I thank God it didn't kill me and for the lady who saved my life.

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hi... i'm a prostitute myself. some guys want to spank me or some times beat me up & i just dont know what to do some times. i just need the money i guess. should i ust let them? youve been there. is there any way i can distract myself when its happenin?

The fact that you're asking this means that you are not okay with it. You've gotten yourself into a situation where you're allowing for people to mistreat you. But you're the only person who is always going to be there in your life. You've got to have your own back, because most people won't. You need to respect yourself, and people will see that and respect you back, but you will not receive respect if you don't respect yourself. There are other ways to get money. It's difficult to go back after that because the money you make an hour doing such a thing is something you really can't get from a job. But the lifestyle that comes with it isn't worth it. It ***** with your brain. It took me about two years to stop finding prostitution to be a fine or normal thing. **** those dudes who want to hurt you, you should be angry. **** them!

I respect you greatly,being able to withstand such uncooth questions.I also respect you for being able to share your experiences...Not alot of girls can come forward so easily with such bitter things.Salute madam..But may I just know,what were the average clientele like?As in,terms of occupation,age,etcetera.

They were all so pathetic. Mostly older business men. A few guys in their twenties that weren't unattractive, and I have no idea why they needed to do such a thing. The older men always had this obvious embarrassment. There was always this unspoken understanding of patheticness. I just feel bad that most of them have families. They have kids and wives, and they're using me to destroy any loyalty or purity.

UGH I bet Your ***** is stretched out & destroyed thats why it went numb for a week! YOUR RUINED!

........I was sixteen.
I hadn't slept with many people.
I did it because I was molested as a kid, and it ****** up my mind.
My body went numb everywhere.
My face.
My chest.
My legs.

What a stretched out face I must have, too.
Good luck, ghetto girl.
Hope your apple bottom doesn't get you into ****, too.

Being in a group called "I'm addicted to sex"
You may have to watch out for some stretching and destruction, yourself.

I am not addicted to sex, nor have I partaken in anything sexually destructive for years.

You seem to be presently living so.

mashka7, Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so glad that you got out quickly.

How did you become a prostitute ?

How did you stumble upon this and read nothing.
Troll, and you shall see, meek minded mongrel.

why wouldnt you have sex with a 14 yearold with mmoney

did you do it for survival or for fun/ or out of depression etc?

I did it because I victimized myself to everything and thought that if I ran away, I could make a better life for myself. I did it to earn money for college, and ****, I could have. I was also in need of money for travel and food and stuff. I planned on going to this vegan commune in Seattle and then make my way to New York and then London.
I chose prostitution, I guess because I wasn't connected with my body at all, and didn't care. I didn't care what happened to it, and I've recently realized that I felt that way because I was molested many times as a child.

wow, sorry for your situation when you were being hurt,but you sound like you pushed all that behind you and are moving forward, which I commend you for because that is very difficult to do!

Yeah, man. I've only realized a couple weeks ago that I was molested, but it's made a lot of sense for everything. I was really angry at first, but yeah, I've moved on, and I'm glad that I only did that for a week, and now it's just an interesting and really random story.

You are brave, I just want to ask you to thank yourself for sharing.

Thanks man.
Thanks self.

what age did you become a prostitute


I come from a family of such workers now my cousins are in the game. Any advice for how I could talk to them as someone they can reach out to?

God, man, I don't know.
No one could have said anything to me.
I felt like no one knew my mind.
I had to get myself out.
I got myself in.
I'm very, very sorry that you have people you love disappointing you so.
All you can do is offer suppourt, but have your own back.
Don't let them destruct your life.

Thank you for your response.
In all honesty I can't be disappointed at them because they've been given little choice if any in regards to this. If I knew you personally I could explain in better detail the nature of their predicament but the least which can be said is, coming from a family endowed with poverty, if I don't try to do something then the cycle continues. Maybe hard to believe since I am using the internet but that's life... after all what do we believe...

Life can be really ******, man.
And you can be born into **** without any choice.
But what is your choice is your reaction.
You can choose to be with the ****** ****, or you can choose to fight it.
Even if you're born into it, with the right amount of effort, you can get yourself out.
Just got to hae your own back.

Did you enjoy it?


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