I Am A Former Teen Prostitute....ask Me Anything?

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Can you help me successfully become one for a month?

Hi I'm 17 from Australia nsw and I want to know how to become a prostitute because I've been tight on money and I know its a faster way but I just don't know how to become one and I thought u could help me oh and btw do u have to sign up on a website or something?

Hi I'm looking into becoming a teen prostitute, been tight on money and I know I can make money this way fast, any tips?
I'm 17 btw

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What should I ask a prostatute when I meet her (sexually)

My moms really tight on money, so I want to help her out, and have been thinking about being a prostitute. I'm 16. But how do I find a pimp? Also, have you ever had any experience with the police involving prostitution?

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Hello we are 4 people who have project week at school.
The questions are about  limits and our sub-topic is social anxiety.
We hope you will help by answering these questions ☺

1. What are your limits as a prostitute?
2. Have your limits shifted from when you started as a prostitute and to now?
3. How were they before? And how are they now?
4. Has it affected your social life outside of work that you are a prostitute? In what way?
5. Have you tried to have exceeded your limits in a negative way? An uncomfortable way?
6. If yes, how did it feel to get beyond its borders?
7. How did you get exceeded your limits?
8. How do you think one's limits is if you have social anxiety?
9. Try to describe your limits in relation to a social angsts borders

1. I never thought about limits when I was in the situation, but I wouldn't have let anyone tie me up or cause me and physical pain
2. I only did it for a week when I was sixteen, and I think that I still wouldn't let anyone cause me physical pain, but I definitely have less limits now that I'm older.
3. Back then in general, I allowed for more passionless and disrespectful interactions, so I allowed people to push past my limits when it came to degrading, but at this point in my life, I'm more confrontational about respect towards me and my body, but I'm more open to the different ways you can touch each other.
4. It used to affect me because everyone made me feel like it was horrible and disgusting, but now I just look at is as something I did in order to avoid my parents sending me back into brainwashing cult like institutions, and I don't think that I did anything wrong.
5. People have exceeded my limits, but I havent.
6. I mean when they did those things, they were t consensual, and I started to look at myself the same way that those people did, and I didn't love myself for a long time.
7. Rape and molestation, but that was outside of prostitution.
8. I used to have really bad social anxiety, but I feel like because I was so self conscious, I had less limits because I couldn't stand up for myself.

So I'm 16 years old and I've had many sexual experiences. EX: last weekend a guy I knew well invited me over and we went into the bathroom. We ended up doin it and there was a knock on the door, Guy 1 left and Guy 2 came in. This happened about 6 more times only 4 guys. Each guy got about 5-10 minutes each time. How do I start charging for my time? I really need money for college and to get a place to live. I've been asked to sell drugs but i don't think that's the best for my situation. I understand that being a "prostitute" can be dangerous but i live in a place with almost no violence and i am not worried about getting abused. Once again, how do I become an independent prostitute and start charging for my time? Also, what price would you recommend for me to charge? How do you calculate prices? Thank you so much! Hope to hear back soon!

Honestly if you want to do it, then there's nothing wrong with it even though I think that you're really young and should give emotional sex a chance it took me years to regain vulnerability after being a prostitute at 16. Maybe you should figure out if there's a reason why you're sleeping with men in that manner before you start charging. You're not going to be able to get as much money without a pimp because you won't be taken as seriously, and price ranges between towns. I was in San Fransisco and worked on Broadway with two pimps who were bouncers at the ***** club, so it was much more of a "business". They got 50%, but I still made over $4,000 that week with my best friend. I charged $300 a half hour for just sex if they wanted to give or receive head or do anything out of the norm, I would make up my own prices based on each customer. If you're in a small town, people are probably not going to pay as much. Good luck, but most importantly never stop loving yourself.

Hey!! Well , I am 15 years old , and I want to be a prostitute to earn money . any advice? thanks

I can help add me.

Would you like meet or have sex ?

I dont know man , i just want to be a sl*t and get some money

I don't know, man, I can tell you that doing it when I was 16 ****** me up for a few years. I was a house cleaner for three years, and that was super easy, and I charged 20 an hour, so I made a lot of money you could do that, too.

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question, in Germany prostitution is legal, thus it has law binding contracts.

if the employer keeps extending the contract, is there a way to take legal action to end it.

You know what, I'm not in a location where it is legal, so I can't tell ya.

Actually of course there's a way. You're under legal contract, and so are they. You have rights! Take legal action! I'm sorry if it's too late

does the vagina get all used up if you have sex with every day for 20 years

Oh my god, you haven't learned about how vaginas work yet. They're elastic and have contracting muscles.
I bet you think a tight vag is a good thing when it simply means she's not aroused.

Ok here it comes. First, a question that probably makes me a bad person, when was your first anal experience and did you enjoy it? Second, what made you decide to be a prostitute?

First time was during the prostitution it was seriously so painful and frightening at the time I just kept repeated $300 in my mind as he ****** me so hard, my face was smashed against the bed post, and I could barely breathe, I was drooling and trying to stop myself from crying.

I became one because I was sexually abused as a child and had no connection to my body at that point. I grew up with authorities telling me I was going to become a ***** and a drug addict living on the streets, so I felt it was inevitable. I also victimized myself to my parents and ran away thinking that I could take care of myself. I was prostituting myself for money to travel and to pay for college.

Good luck guys, Only you can solve yourselves. Nothing I say is going to change that.

How can I jack off better?

Learn how a **** works.

:-) Good one.

ive been thinking about prostituting a lot lately how can i get started without a pimp?

Why do you want to do that? Not judging, just curious. Be careful. You could be violently punched in your belly until your forced to submit then bred without being paid. Gang rape is also probable. You may say you won't let that happen but after seven or eight solid punches to your belly then being tied spread eagle, you will not be able to stop them from violating your vagina. Be careful who you pick. Only go for men who treat you nice. No guarantees. Wish you well.

Hey I can help u . I'm doing the same

Come on, read this thread.

Im currently a teen prostitute , anything I should look out for ?

Being repeatedly and violently punched in your belly and breasts while your arms are held behind your back, tied above your head or you could be sitting in a chair with your arms tied. A taser could also be held to your areoles, pressed into your bellybutton or touched between your legs sending strong volts of electricity through your body.


In that line of work, you have to admit chances are good that a girl will be beaten up and raped. I just said what reality is.

Look out for your soul, baby babe. The most damage I received was psychological. Granted, I was in it for a week. Why do you think you're doing it?

im doing it because its easy & fast money ,I can support myself ,im helping some of those guys out ,& ive simply been waiting for a opportunity like this since I was 13 .

Are you saving any for retirement? What will you do after your 50? Still be a prostitute? Live on welfare?

Another thought. Be careful and trust your gut if you ever doubt meeting someone. Good luck in your future decisions.

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How would you be able to tell if a girl is a prostitute without her telling you straight up. Some clues I have she always have large amounts of money without working. She says I might change her from her ways. And always have hair and nails did... any help?

I would say the numbness in themselves. If you're in a relationship with them or are aspiring to be, and they seem distant with love. Just listen to their views on sex or men. I had a very skewed sense of both at the time. But do not confuse this with an empowered woman who isn't prude about sex or self respect.

Did you ever have an ****** with a client?

No, I have only received it from one person other than myself, and we were both in love at that point.

Will a prostitute wear a leotard for a guy if he asked her to?

I mean, if she has one or if he has one, I bet.

(1) Have you ever had your arms held behind your back then been violently punched in your belly and or boobs? (2) If so, how old were you? (3) If thugs were going to beat you up by punching you in your breasts, belly and crotch, would you prefer to be (a) sitting in a chair, arms tied behind you. (B) Standing, arms held behind your back. (C) Suspended by your wrists with your belly stretched. (D) Tied spread eagle.

Not down for any such thing and never been a part of such things.

Ok thanks for responding. Even though your not down for such a thing, I'm sure you understand that it could happen. Hopefully not to you. Thanks again.

So 2 questions; who, what, why did you get into this profession
and ; how , why did you get out and stay out.

I've explained this a lot through this thread.
I got out because the Fbi found me, and I was sent away.
The second time I did it a year later, I came home and cried in my kitchen because I realized that I wasn't meant for such things.
I stayed out because I left all of the people I surrounded myself by, the drugs that I was doing, and the town that I was living in.

What happens if your client ********** before your time together is over?

I honestly don't remember.
It was six years ago.
They probably just talked and shared a cigarette and asked me questions.

You do any kind of sexual activites depending on the fees ?

Limits existed.

How do you think you can give advice and know anything about that game if you only played it for a week? I'm not trying to be rude but just being real. Sorry for what you went through but it seems like you wanted to do it for your own needs and not what happen to you because I know a lot of people that went through worst and didnt go that route. Hope you learned from that experience and god bless. And prays go out to the girls that are in that game because they feel like they have no other choice

I\'m not claiming anything, man. I don\'t give a **** about being some kind of expert in this \"game\". I don\'t care about that game at all. I\'m just talking about what happened and answering questions.

Yeah, most of EP is just people relating the thiings they have experienced.

I understand this is not an advise column but a question and answer column. To me you have street experience and life experience and for some that is what it takes to make it. Keep answering, like your doing. Some times it\'s not right or wrong answers, just advise.

Yeah, I don't like the fact that they're considering that I'm trying to give advise as if I know anything about it, but if someone is asking me a question about it or asking for advice, I'll say what I know. It happened five years ago for such a short about of time, and four years ago again for the same, so I can't give much. And saying that people went through worse and didn't go that route is pretty ignorant because every human being is different and responds in different ways. I own up to my own self victimization at that age, but last year, I gained repressed memories that made me realize that I was molested a lot as a child and raped, and so I can now see why I had such a skewed relationship with sex and why I used it for power in such a soulless way. I am aware of the poor kids who are forced into it, and that is on a completely different level, but it does not mean that what I did to myself wasn't a horrible and detrimental experience.

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What happens if a teenage boy calls a prostitute service

True dat.

new comer to this post and i m truly sorry for that because i want to scream THANK YOU! thanks for your honesty andyour advice and your patience with some of the more ignorant repleys:)

Hey , Im a 15 Year old girl that lives in arlington, texas . I wanted to know how do you get in the buissness ? like im trying to find a job that i can get quick money , please help me .

Read this thread, girl.

Quick money brings years of trauma.

THANK YOU! It's nice to see an answer like that. I so wish I had those seven years of my life to do over again. People don't know how depressing am
Nd demeaning it is to sell yourself. Thanks for being honest.

Yeah man, seven years must have been gnarly.
I only did it for a week, and it was about two years of mental *****.

By the end I was stoned, or drunk, pretty much every waking hour. In those seven years I was raped, robbed, beaten up. I was a mess. Every day I thank God it didn't kill me and for the lady who saved my life.

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hi... i'm a prostitute myself. some guys want to spank me or some times beat me up & i just dont know what to do some times. i just need the money i guess. should i ust let them? youve been there. is there any way i can distract myself when its happenin?

The fact that you're asking this means that you are not okay with it. You've gotten yourself into a situation where you're allowing for people to mistreat you. But you're the only person who is always going to be there in your life. You've got to have your own back, because most people won't. You need to respect yourself, and people will see that and respect you back, but you will not receive respect if you don't respect yourself. There are other ways to get money. It's difficult to go back after that because the money you make an hour doing such a thing is something you really can't get from a job. But the lifestyle that comes with it isn't worth it. It ***** with your brain. It took me about two years to stop finding prostitution to be a fine or normal thing. **** those dudes who want to hurt you, you should be angry. **** them!

Hey girl, you are really pretty articulate, I think.

I respect you greatly,being able to withstand such uncooth questions.I also respect you for being able to share your experiences...Not alot of girls can come forward so easily with such bitter things.Salute madam..But may I just know,what were the average clientele like?As in,terms of occupation,age,etcetera.

They were all so pathetic. Mostly older business men. A few guys in their twenties that weren't unattractive, and I have no idea why they needed to do such a thing. The older men always had this obvious embarrassment. There was always this unspoken understanding of patheticness. I just feel bad that most of them have families. They have kids and wives, and they're using me to destroy any loyalty or purity.

UGH I bet Your ***** is stretched out & destroyed thats why it went numb for a week! YOUR RUINED!

........I was sixteen.
I hadn't slept with many people.
I did it because I was molested as a kid, and it ****** up my mind.
My body went numb everywhere.
My face.
My chest.
My legs.

What a stretched out face I must have, too.
Good luck, ghetto girl.
Hope your apple bottom doesn't get you into ****, too.

Being in a group called "I'm addicted to sex"
You may have to watch out for some stretching and destruction, yourself.

I am not addicted to sex, nor have I partaken in anything sexually destructive for years.

You seem to be presently living so.

mashka7, Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so glad that you got out quickly.

How did you become a prostitute ?

How did you stumble upon this and read nothing.
Troll, and you shall see, meek minded mongrel.

why wouldnt you have sex with a 14 yearold with mmoney

did you do it for survival or for fun/ or out of depression etc?

I did it because I victimized myself to everything and thought that if I ran away, I could make a better life for myself. I did it to earn money for college, and ****, I could have. I was also in need of money for travel and food and stuff. I planned on going to this vegan commune in Seattle and then make my way to New York and then London.
I chose prostitution, I guess because I wasn't connected with my body at all, and didn't care. I didn't care what happened to it, and I've recently realized that I felt that way because I was molested many times as a child.

wow, sorry for your situation when you were being hurt,but you sound like you pushed all that behind you and are moving forward, which I commend you for because that is very difficult to do!

Yeah, man. I've only realized a couple weeks ago that I was molested, but it's made a lot of sense for everything. I was really angry at first, but yeah, I've moved on, and I'm glad that I only did that for a week, and now it's just an interesting and really random story.

You are brave, I just want to ask you to thank yourself for sharing.

Thanks man.
Thanks self.

what age did you become a prostitute


I come from a family of such workers now my cousins are in the game. Any advice for how I could talk to them as someone they can reach out to?

God, man, I don't know.
No one could have said anything to me.
I felt like no one knew my mind.
I had to get myself out.
I got myself in.
I'm very, very sorry that you have people you love disappointing you so.
All you can do is offer suppourt, but have your own back.
Don't let them destruct your life.

Thank you for your response.
In all honesty I can't be disappointed at them because they've been given little choice if any in regards to this. If I knew you personally I could explain in better detail the nature of their predicament but the least which can be said is, coming from a family endowed with poverty, if I don't try to do something then the cycle continues. Maybe hard to believe since I am using the internet but that's life... after all what do we believe...

Life can be really ******, man.
And you can be born into **** without any choice.
But what is your choice is your reaction.
You can choose to be with the ****** ****, or you can choose to fight it.
Even if you're born into it, with the right amount of effort, you can get yourself out.
Just got to hae your own back.

Just a general observation. If people do not see a problem, the do not need a solution. Until they are motivated to change, they will not

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Did you enjoy it?


wer can i get a prostitute in kalyan n thane district

Ask a prostitute in the kaylan n thane district.

Do you believe in God? If so, can you describe Him to me? His nature? His Persons? Do you believe there are three divine Persons in one God, distinct but not separate, like fire is distinct but not separate from light? Do you think God desires you to give your body to another as if you were totally committed to him in a way that God desires... in a way that is totally giving rather than taking and mutually exclusive? Do you believe in God?

No god

Do u live in new britain conneticut?

Why? Were you forced to? :(

Nope, I was just a dumb, dumb, dumb little girl.

hello Mashka, I am curious, did you enjoy the work?


i need a prostitute...help me please...

Take a stroll downtown.

can i come to you?

Have you read anything on here, you fool?


p.s. W H O R E

Sounds like poor me syndrome!!! WAAH you made stupid choices ...don't we all...I'm a victim to ...won't somebody please feel bad for me WAAAAH sob sob...

It was a poor me syndrome.
I've already explained that.
Sounds like you've got an "Assumption without research" syndrome, homie.

You know that you are being a ZEro. Why are you doinog that?

She has asked NO ONE for sympathy in anything she has said.

Nice to hear u r out of it.Have an beautiful life

Ughhh...my heart goes out to you. I just googled, to find a website for a support for "parents of prostitutes". I found out a few months ago, that my daughter was prostituting, and now did a **** flick. She used drugs, which I don't believe she is using, or at least not using to that extent now. I believe she may use some lesser dangerous drugs, just to "medicate" herself/numb herself, to do "what she is doing". She needs help! I am having such a difficult time dealing with this.

What I did was a way for me to experience a part of the world that I was curious about.<br />
Also, I didn't know if I was one of those people or not, and I was really afraid of failure, so I sabotaged myself.<br />
Also, I didn't ever want to be used for sex, so I decided to become numb to it and my body and use others for sex.<br />
<br />
Sex is completely different for me now.<br />
When I prostituted for a week, I couldn't feel any of the men I slept with.<br />
I think my body went numb to protect me.<br />
But it was weird to me, and I didn't understand it, though I was thankful I couldn't feel it.<br />
<br />
To Sharon Holt, I'm sorry, but I would assume you should give up on that girl.<br />
I was a prostitute for just a week and a **** for a while, but she seems to have destroyed herself too far and too early.<br />
<br />
The cops were nice to me. I think they saw me as a victim of the pimps rather than a victim to myself.<br />
<br />
The pimps were nice. One tried to have sex with me, though, and make me smoke meth. Which I didn't take a part of.<br />
<br />
And I'm fine now. I don't really feel like it ever happened, and It freaks me out sometimes when I'm stoned and realize that I did that.<br />
<br />
Some men are really ******* disgusting, but some women are, and I just think that it's all about the morals that people live by that takes them in the direction that they go.<br />
Men look at women.<br />
And women allow men to look at them.<br />
Men are disgusting when they gawk at women.<br />
And women are disgusting when they dress to seek attention and allow men to gawk.<br />
<br />
<br />
If I were to relive what I did, the only thing I would change is get the money from the pimps before the FBI came and to take my favourite pair of vans that I left with them.<br />
<br />
For seekerof, jesus christ, if that's true, you are a 35 year old man, and you can kick those little girl's *****, and I advise that you do. Who cares if they're female. Turn your sorrow into anger. Only against them, no one else.<br />
<br />
And the youngest guy I've had sex with was 13 when I was 13, and the oldest is an estimate.

You considered for one microsecond that a 35 year old man got raped in the back of a van by teenage cheerleaders, and you think you know about men?????

I've read most of this and all I can say is that Americans are some of the most immature and childish people on the planet. (and I'm a native Californian)


It's normal for women to display themselves. They like the attention. It's normal for a man to look at woman who displays her attributes. I'd say you need to work on yourself more from the disgust of your experience, because you are emotionally trained to feel disgust. It's a learned response to being a prostitute. You have conditioned yourself to disgust. And rightly so to that condition, but such an automatic reaction will deter suitors who are more worthy of you.

Hyper, after an intense experience like hers, you lose some perspective that it takes awhile to get back. Kind of some of what you said above. She will get back to a more even keel over time.

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Hi how are you coping now,whats disgusting is that men seem to want young women! perves ! bet they wouldnt want that for their own daughters or would they?

How did the cops treat you, where they nasty, nice, annoyed?

How did the cops treat you, where they nasty, nice, annoyed?

I just stumbled upon this message board by accident, but I wanted to talk. My 13 year old daughter ran away about 3 months ago and my friend just told me she saw her walking the streets. I knew she has been whoring and I am in utter despair that my baby girl is doing this to herself.<br />
Ever since she turned 12, she had been using drugs and hanging out with a bad crowd. I ain't no saint myself, I had my baby girl when I was 14- but I never thought she would do this... I tried to get her help, but all we wound up doing was fightin and then I found her in bed with landlord who is 32 years old. I guess they have been at it for some time. I freaked on her!!! I guess that is what broke the camel's back- and then she was gone- I love my girl and I have went out to try to find her, but I haven't seen her yet on the street. I am not a bad parent- I tried, but I guess I failed big time with her. I have 3 other kids and all I want is for her to come home. any advice? I don't want her to get AIDS or get pregnant, or die by some maniac-- what should I do?

I just stumbled upon this message board by accident, but I wanted to talk. My 13 year old daughter ran away about 3 months ago and my friend just told me she saw her walking the streets. I knew she has been whoring and I am in utter despair that my baby girl is doing this to herself.<br />
Ever since she turned 12, she had been using drugs and hanging out with a bad crowd. I ain't no saint myself, I had my baby girl when I was 14- but I never thought she would do this... I tried to get her help, but all we wound up doing was fightin and then I found her in bed with landlord who is 32 years old. I guess they have been at it for some time. I freaked on her!!! I guess that is what broke the camel's back- and then she was gone- I love my girl and I have went out to try to find her, but I haven't seen her yet on the street. I am not a bad parent- I tried, but I guess I failed big time with her. I have 3 other kids and all I want is for her to come home. any advice? I don't want her to get AIDS or get pregnant, or die by some maniac-- what should I do?

Wait, who is Egoberd?<br />
<br />
And I have seen men at their worst.<br />
I do not relate that to my boyfriend.<br />
I hate how women generalize things about men.<br />
A lot of men are disgusting and lustful, but so are all the ***** out there.<br />
<br />
I have definitely left that lifestyle, and my boyfriend never was a part of it.

I want a wife who is a prostitute

Go to a ***** house then.

No ******* way.

Would you have had sex with a 14 year old if he had the money?

Would you get a blowj*b from a vampire?

Went up* make* relationships*

My friend and I threw our back packs in the bushes during lunch at school. We hitchhiked to San Fransisco, and went to Broadway St. I wentup to a bouncer who was trying to usher us into a ***** club, and I told him that we wanted to mke some money. He smiled at me, and we got started. He was the nice one. He was just doing it for money, and was numb. He sold cocaine, ecstasy, and weed, too. But he didn't do any drugs or drink. We were paid $300 a half an hour and min $150 for oral receiving or giving. My friend is still my best friend, and our lives are amazing and safe now because we stopes making bad and self destructive decisions. We are both in serious relatio ships and only sleep with our boyfriends.

Did it for one week when I was 16. And one weekend when I was 17.

I have read everything in this wall, but you have not mentioned anywhere..... how much U get paid to sleep with a man or men???? how did u started???? what U felt after the 1st time SEX????? what about your friend who was left on the garden bench with pants down....... <br />
Do still have SEX with unknown????? <br />
will continue after U reply this <br />
<br />

I've heard of Johns who are just lonely men who really want to talk to someone and have almost no interest in sex, do prostitutes view those kind of men differently?

Have you read ANYTHING on this thread?

Hey girl wow ur so strong and young but I bet u grew up fast. I really been thinking about<br />
Prostituting just to get my implants and car and that would take I week to get both. I'd be<br />
Independent and I'm online and have a<br />
Room I guess I'm just scared and not sure if I should.. <br />
It's just fast money!!! Any advice Hun

Hey girl wow ur so strong and young but I bet u grew up fast. I really been thinking about<br />
Prostituting just to get my implants and car and that would take I week to get both. I'd be<br />
Independent and I'm online and have a<br />
Room I guess I'm just scared and not sure if I should.. <br />
It's just fast money!!! Any advice Hun

Everything I touch smells like urine because I JUST CAN'T STOP.<br />
I even drink it!<br />
Bathe in my poop! <br />
Sleep in my pee every night.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
What the ****.

I dare you to answer also my "special" questions related to my pants wetting fetish: What about your experiences in pants peeing ? Do you pee your pants a lot ? Did you get caught with it? And anyone in your family or other friends (girls or boys) know about your occasional pants wetting? Know you anyone else in your real life that pees her pants too? Have you told anyone in your environment about pantspeeing? If so, what was the reaction ? Have you pooped your pants (by accident, when drunk or on purpose) as an adult ? And what about farting, do you do it a lot? And have you ever sharted your pants (wet fart with poo)? <br />
Hope i didn't offense you with my questions

Blessings to you for your courage to share your experience. I know it was painful. You are a strong, wiser and more resilient woman because of your experience. Thank God your past has passed.


I was 8 years old

Wow - glad to hear you had the strength to get out ..and stay out. Sex is for you, when and how you want it - on your terms. I agree, If you know others you can help get out ..it would be through the kindness of your heart tha you could help someone else see the other side . SD - I'm no scholar, but I like to help others when I can - if able..

OMG Some of You pplz Are Freaks!!!... She may have been selling her body but she's over it now... And from what I'm reading most of y'all are the ones that need help... Some of these Questions just Scream CHILD Predator!!!

How much were people willing to pay for intercourse?

You have to live your life asking yourself "Is this the person I want to be?".<br />
Imagine if you couldn't keep any secrets.<br />
Would you do it if everyone knew?<br />
Sometimes you think you're saving yourself when you're only making it more difficult.<br />
Don't ever victimize yourself.<br />
Let yourself have the power over your happiness.<br />
Choose to look at things in an empowering way.<br />
Teenagers can be really blind and pitiful.<br />
Trust me, everything evens out when you're eighteen, or so.<br />
That's the age for most people.<br />
When you can see everything that's actually good in life.

m gettn goosebumps.....whtevr may b the situation i dont think girls shuld ever do such kind of thngs.....i hav always hated prostitutes......feeling sory 4 u dat u had to xperience such a hell......i saved 2 gals from being lyk u...now thry dont regrt but thank me......all the best 4 ur next phase of lyf......<br />
<br />
.............. Just A Frnd!!!

Best Wishes For a Bright Future

I think it's great that you have slain the monkey on you back and you are the better for it. You could have had a real pity party but you were to strong for that.Look in the mirror every day and be proud of the person looking back at you.We have a brain to tell our hands what to do and in between we have a judge, our heart. When we think about what our hands must do, filter it through the heart to be sure we are true and just in what we do.<br />
<br />

Heyy sweetie :)<br />
I think I'm in the same boat, 3 months ago I got out of the game for good, I'm clean, back in college etc etc. But I'm still not as strong as you... Do you never get sick from remembering them?? Like when you're trying to get to sleep and you can just see there faces leering at you?? It makes me feel physically sick all the time. How do you cope with it??<br />
Sooo glad you're in the clean now chick :) <br />

Hi mashka7, I recently got involved with a prostitute, and during the several times I've been with her, she has since quit prostituting at massage parlours, and is getting on with her life. The very unusual thing I found is that is is very honest with me, and I still arrange to see her at hotels, still paid, but she stays the night for free, and keeps saying that she wouldn't agree to see me if she really didn't want to. I am left feeling a bit confused. If the girl has quit prostitution, and I have checked with the massage parlours to see if she is still working for them. Then why does she continue to see me. I now it's paid for, but I treat her more like a girlfriend, and just enjoy her company, so it's not just straight into the sex as soon as I see her. One thing is bugging me, is that although she is honest with me, every time I try to ask about her personal life and boyfriend etc. She tries to bit take about in terms of giving me names of people she knows. So it's like she would refer to her boyfriend as "my fella". I do like this girl, and am just wondering what are her intentions. Is she just riding it out just for the money. If it is just for the money, I don't think it's worth her while, especially if she is trying to get back to a normal life. Please could you help me figure out what she wants. I would very much appreciate this, especially as you have some experience working as a prostitute in your past life. I would also like to wish you well on deciding to get out if the prostitution business, you must be a very strong willed person to have gotten over this part of your life, and get on with your life. Thanks in advance.

hi,<br />
<br />
thanks for such an interesting post.<br />
<br />
Did you ever have clients who wanted small penis humiliation, i.e laughing at them for having a tiny ****.<br />
<br />
thanks, <br />
<br />

NO, I DON'T STILL ******* DO IT.<br />

Thanks for putting up withh **** on this boarrd

Mr Just Kinky.<br />
It takes years to find self worth.<br />
But it will happen.<br />
<br />
<br />
Depression gets old.<br />
And fattening.

The laughter the only thing contagious?

How'd you get out of it?

Reading all this i dont feel sorry for you i feel sorry for myself becuase i havent got that passion in life to pull myself together to pull myself up and be more than i thought i could be .<br />
<br />
Do you think you would be this strong a person if you hadnt done all that?<br />
would your life be worse now just going through life on automatic ?<br />
did you need something to galvanise you into being who you are and who you have always been inside ?<br />
<br />
from some of the questions asked on here i doubt theyve gotten in to the true spirit of why you put your thoughts out there for people to read .<br />
<br />
id really like to talk with you sometime but im sure you will hate my self deprication but i think it would be really intresting to chat with you and perhaps share ideas

I am married and have to admit, I like to get my wife to spank me and my balls.<br />
She feels I an very unusual and that "I doubt others guys think of this stuff like you do" she says.<br />
My question to you is:<br />
Do other guys like to get spanked and have you fondle them in public and have you wear loose fitting clothes so the side of your breasts are showing like I like my wife to do.<br />
She feels I am very unusual and other women don't have the same requests from their men.<br />
What have you noticed?<br />
Do I sound like I am a rare personality or do other men like this stuff also?

If the money had been "right" is there anything you wouldn't have considered - say **********, or really violent and painful BDSM?

Do you suffer from PTSD and flashbacks? <br />
<br />
Do you regret the innocence that was stolen from you?<br />
<br />
Have you ever been abducted, beaten and raped when you were a prostitute?