I'm A Junior Software Developer, Ask Me Anything!

Yo, IT is the way of the future man. Recession? Pfft, I laugh!

Hehe, programming offers many opportunites. Self employment, free-lance work all with at a decent price might I add!

Seriously, it's not greatly difficult if you are mathmaticly minded as that is all a computer is. A bunch of numbers culminated into a sequence to produce a command that a processor can execute to do funky things on a screen. Lost you? No worries xD

Problem is, I am lacking ideas of programmes to make.

If anyone can think of something they wish their computer could do (within the bounds of reason please, no levitation or such things) feel free to throw me some ideas.

Alternatively, if you wish to know something about computers or programming go ahead.

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My thoughts are that if a true three dimensional projection is to be created on television or on monitors that it would have to derive it through mirrors or type of application mirrors to project the image out of the screen surface .<br />
What are your thought on 3D images has it application reached it limits .

Realisticly, no because what you see in a mirror is dependant on where you are to the mirror which determines which rays of light are reflected from the mirror into you eyes whereas a monitor projects a static image (or many images per second) which will not change when you change angle of perception.<br />
<br />
Like I said, it's possible to mimic the effect of a mirror using a camera/cameras and some kind of program to control output to the monitor.<br />
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Do you really really like mirrors?

Can a monitor be given an application to turn in to a mirror , if not why .

Let's see. You are asking whether the monitor can be converted which is not true seeing as the monitor stays flat but the image given to the monitor by the graphics module is what is being manipulated.<br />
<br />
Creating a concave mirror effect is possible, it's a case of mathmaticly editing a 2D shape, then producing a normal image e.g. a ball infront of the scewed backdrop.

Could the monitor be converted to give an image like a concave mirror . More in line like the magic store toy of projecting small ob<x>ject to float in mid air .

Ofcourse... I can think of 2 ways.<br />
<br />
1. Turn off the monitor, you should see your reflection :><br />
<br />
2. Use a camera to capture images infront of the monitor (every 0.01 seconds or something) then display it in real time on the monitor.<br />
To truly mimic a mirror you would have to use a wide angled camera to get 180 degrees capture infront of the monitor then use some face recognition software (many modern digital cameras use face recognition for auto focus) to calculate where the viewer is relative to the monitor. <br />
Using that information, a piece of software could calculate what part of the 180 degree spectrum would be viewable by the user at their current angle to the screen to correctly display a virtual reflection.<br />
:) <br />
With that there is a flaw that it would only be able to reflect for 1 user at a time.

Can a monitor be converted or programed to mimic a mirror that reflect the viewer ?