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hotjen hotjen 22-25, F 160 Responses Nov 11, 2009

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Do ya like those feminine sissy wimps at all. Just wondering if all girls have to put up with them sometimes...Jenny

You joined a group titled "I desire to be spanked" Is that with the hand ? A belt? A cane? Or a paddle?

The hand

Do you like it hard and fast? Or Hard with a lot of rubbing between swats?


Would you add me?

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So, just wondering: what are you wearing now? and when/what was your last sexual encounter?

now that you're single again (sorry to hear), is there any chance of posting/trading pics?

I'm not single. Silly!

Silly indeed- I need to pay more attention. But there's always hope for more pics.

I'm no longer a virgin. I like lots of different types really. I love michele rodriguez and lily allen and Drew Barrymore. So al different types really

Forgive me if this was asked, but you say in your profile that you are a bi-sexual virgin. Does that mean you are attracted to woman and just have not had the opportunity? In which case I wonder what type of woman you would consider.

I have squirted not very often.<br />
Biggest was 9inches, too big and smallest was 5 not too bad.<br />
It does matter more that its not too big

Have you ever squirted?<br />
<br />
Whats the biggest and smallest **** uv had and how did they feel?<br />
<br />
Does size really matter?

The biggest was 9 inches and it wasnt good for me it was too big

as a horrible insecure guy : ) what is the biggest penis you have been with and was it good

I'm ticklish all over but mainly my sides and neck

where are you ticklish?

I went to Lourdes in France with my Father to pray for my Gran who was dying. Its such a beautiful and peaceful place. My Gran lived for another 2 happy years after as well

what is the most memorable place you ever visited? What made it so special?l

Any more questions?

I am monogamous and right now I'm single

Are you monogamous? Do you have cybersex without your bf knowing about it?


Ever heard of KAMASUTRA

I like a guy to start first but I will if I have to<br />
I like doggy

which way you like it most.

do you wait for the guy to initiate or you start first.

how you feel when you dont get involved in ******for long time.

Emotion is more important but cant last without a good physical relationship

whats your preference with a guy you know, emotional attatchment or physical relationship

A family means having a base to return to.<br />
Not just my parents and brother and sister but my closest friends.<br />
People who I know will be there for me and who I'm there for.

what exactly a family means to you

well there's an offer I'd love to take up ;-)

lol sure

Would you like to?