I Am A Toy Boy, Ask Me Anything

At least that's what my friends call me because my wife is nine and a half years older than me (I'm not allowed round it up to 10 as that would put it into double figures).

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My baby's daddy is 7 years younger than me. Just so happened that way, not even intentionally... I liked your story, thanks for sharing it. And trust me, when you've got a good looking lad that much younger than you on your arm, we don't care WHAT anyone is thinking of us anyway ;) x

thats nice atleast your still together and that boy needs both of his parents, i have a cousin with the same situation, they are both 10 years apart except they both look like their the same age so no one ever notices unless you ask them. but keep working on your relationship and love each other and love your kid too because children need affection and love in their life, and teach him well so that he can be a great kid in the future.

so both of your parents are ok with your mairrage? have they always been so accepting? i ask because i met an awesome guy who just so happened to be 16 years younger and we really hit it off and had an amazing connection. however he was 19 and still lived with his mom. he said he couldn't take me home because his mom would kill! him.probably cause we are almost the same age. good for both of you for following your hearts and getting what you wanted.

Awe cute. People really do put too much on age; I mean there is a base reason for it but it simply gets blown out of proportion. I applaud her for asking you to wait until you were 21, because sometimes in the younger years it's hard to tell what is what, but I am glad you are together.

good for you to not mind about the age differences and still be together after all those years. :-)

You're the envy of every guy who had fantasies about his hot high school teacher.

I'm a member of a website called www.toyboyconnection.com which is specifically for younger men to meet older women and vice versa. That type of thing seems quite popular these days and it total opposite of the normal 'older man / younger women' thing. I'd certainly consider becoming a toyboy lol

I'm dating a man who was my teacher too! :)

That is so cool, because I too am nine-and-a-half years younger than my wife (almost to the day). It has never been an issue with us. What makes it especially interesting to me is that because she has siblings who are much older, I now have sisters-in-law who are old enough to be my mother, and I have nieces and nephews who are older than me!

As a mate of Rugbylover I'm now able reveal that he was inadvertantly inaccurate when he said he had one kid. A second is now on the way:-)

Too sweet t be true, RL. I bet you've had some wonderful arguments you're not telling us about.

That is a sweet story.

This just won't do. When you come on EP you're supposed to slag off your partner and concoct a sob story that will get you *hugs* and replies of 'you deserve better'. Your description of a well-adjusted and humorous marriage breaks all the rules. Tch, tch, Rugbylover, tch,tch.

It sounds as though you are both intelligent people with a good sense of humour. That makes all the difference.

So you're still happily tegether nearly twelve years after you first had that crush on her? That's impressive. What do you think attracted her to you? And do you feel it is a broadly equal relationship?

Do you want kids someday?

How did you meet and how old were you when you married? How long have you been married?