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I Am One Of The Most Accepting People You'll Ever Talk To Ask Me Anything!

Hey guys I'm alot of things but my main moral in life is to not judge anyone no matter who they are or what they do. Homosexuals,Asexuals, Bisexuals, Cross dressers, Satanists, Muslims, Jews, drug addicts, Adult babies you name it!

Ask me anything ;)

oopie67 oopie67 22-25, F 2 Responses Dec 1, 2009

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Well, I'm an asexual and I'm confused... I thought for years I was straight, but last year it found that I was an asexual....but I thought I was have been a bisexual or bisexual asexual a week ago but I think it was just a mixed feeling gone wrong and I'm almost definite it was if not positive. But now I think I'm a heterosexual asexual again. I'm so confused and I told one of my bi friends I thought I was bi and now she's telling me to ask a girl out who I'm friends with who's bi and helps me sometimes. But I'm not bi and I told her that and she told me to make up my mind... I'm asexual though but I never told her that. What do I do now?

what is your view on domestic discipline?