I Am A Member Of The Lds Church (mormon), Have Learning Disabilities, And A 26 Year-old Female. Ask Me Anything

Keep it clean, and I'll answer as best I can! :D 

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speak up... to the girls themselves! They're much more likely to change if they hear the boys say something... get the Young Men together and make them say something - together if necessary - to the girls that dress up that way. They're not as likely to change if the leaders say something as they are if the Young Men they *think* they're dressing up for says something. Getting "nonmember" boys to say it will have an even BIGGER effect. Good luck with that!

thanks but i don't understand, speak up? to who? I was shocked! to see a cuple of pre teen girls show up at are trunk or treat as hookers. I would think our local church leaders would say something to them. i hope

disabilities? I have several... but the main ones (the ones that effect me most) are depression, dysgraphia, and ADD Inattentive type (non-hyperactive).<br />
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As far as the modesty thing goes - I think guys just don't speak up about it enough! I totally agree with you - btw - but I can't change how other girls dress... unfortunantly

can i ask what disabilities you have. also why do some lds girls wear very tight pants and shirts at church activaties. I think thats not right, there are some guys that are very sencitive to that. please don't tease us girls it's not helping us that have problems with morality and things like that!

Technically, no. Honestly, I wouldn't be against it, but it would have to not interfere with my worship...<br />
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I've always been more open-minded than several other members I've known. I'm not against other churches/religions/lifestyles... but I don't always support than either.

I would also like to know if you attended any other type of Christian church.

Have you ever been to another type of religion's church?