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I'm A Correctional Officer

for 12 years now, so ask me anything!

CrazyPeas CrazyPeas 31-35, F 25 Responses Jan 14, 2010

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I'm a private security officer. I have guarded prisoners in the hospital on marshall watches, and i really want to become a corrections officer. My father and grandfather were both police officers. I'm 21 years old and during my teenage years i have tried drugs. I never abused them. I have smoked marijuana a few times, i tried adderall a few times in high school, i tried molly once and coke maybe 2 or 3 times. I was young and dumb and i have grown over the years. I have no desire to try any substances again. I know any law enforcement job is pretty strict about drug use. I was hoping since i never abused any substances and it was simply my young curiousity i would still have a chance in corrections. What do you think?

I began trying to join the Correction trainee program in Florida around 6 months ago. I submitted an application to the Dept. of Corrections and they had me take my BAT. I passed and submitted a supplemental application which was sent to a Correctional Institute. The jail then sent me another application to fill out and mail in, which I did. Today I just found out that they claimed I never sent it to them and they never contacted me about it either. Their recruiter never answered voicemails or emails during my wait. Is this normal? And why do I keep hearing about jails being desperate for Officers and then this happens?

Never heard of this particular situation but I have heard is them not hiring ppl you would assume would be at the to of the list. Is it private or government run? Don't give up, I would go up in person with all you info you have and and everything certified or with a verification and make copys of everything. Write anyone's name down you surreal with. I know it is frustrating but this is what your whole correctional career will be about, documentation. If it's not documented, it didn't happen, that's our saying. Good luck and hope that helps.

my question is I was dignosed bipolar and am wanting to get into corrections with this mental illness will I be able to be a probation ofier

Every place is different on what they allow on a criminal past. I dont see that as something that would exclude you. What really matters is what you are doing now and that you are 100% HONEST AND UPFRONT. So try it, in this economy its a great job to have, worse they can do is say no. Most places will tell you upfront whether certain things disqualify you.You can also look into getting the charges removed from your record, but even if they are removed I suggest still being honest about having them in the 1st place. good luck.

Hi I have a question. If I was arrested 12 yrs ago for possession of marihuana but it was thrown out of court but I was charged for disturbing the peace. Can I still become a correction officer?

Well where I worked it was just a 5 week program. Where you learn inmate rights n proper procedures and self defence techniques. And if you carry OC spray you are sprayed. It was M -f 8-5 on site training. So places you go to and offsite academy where you sleep there n go home on weekends. These are usually are paramilitary.

What kind of traing do you have to go threw before your a CO

Wow. I have a whole series of questions that would take a lot of time to read. Woult you be willing to help me with a bit of research for a novel I am writing?

Hi` I'm interested in becoming a correctional officer but i really don't like to sit in a classroom i was doing information on the career and its said that you only need your high school diploma is that true ? Also it says you need training where would i be able to get training and its also a test you have to take , do they offer classes to help you before you take the test ?

hey i have a question i have three offenses and they are all misdemeanors one disturbing the peace one drunk in public and the other is a summary probation violation. Should i still pursue a job in corrections with this awful record?

Most Corrections have widen there gates for hiring. Most allow misdemeanors. I would still try, just be honest, thats where most ppl drop the ball. When they find out later you werent truthful, you will not get the job. Good luck.

lol I'm surprised to find other COs on ep.

You asked: If you opened up mail and knew it was against the rules how would you handle the situation? <br />
<br />
We open all mail that enters the facilty and it is checked for any unauthorized items. New Inmates are informed of this policy and sign stating they understand this their 1st day here.

I have a question. If you opened up mail and knew it was against the rules how would you handle the situation?

I am interested in becoming a correctional officer. I have done drugs in the past, but not a lot and I do not do any at all now. I was wondering if you know how long you have to stop doing drugs for to become a correctional officer?

laydedlove, <br />
If you are asking? If an inmates confess to me his guilt and my SUPERIVOR'S told me to remain slient? That to me is easy, I do know ANYONE dictate to we a path that my morals and principals don't agree with, so their order or advisment would have no barrings on what my actions would be. Second it is not only is it not a legal order for your superior to ask you to remain quiet, but ethical its is wrong for them to not follow professional protocol. If that does not answer to question, be more detailed in what you wanted to know, but I think thats what you were asking, Thanks for your questions!

If an inmate confessed to you that he committed a crime that someone else will get lethal injection for committing, how would you handle the situation; even though your superior has informed you to stay silent about what the inmate has disclosed to you?

A child molesters is always a child molester! They are just winning the battle with their demons at the time.

I work on a farm and as far as criminal past background checks its "no questions asked " with a similar view to work visas . Its a motely collection of drunks , heads , fighters , troublemakers in general , documented and undocumented guest workers , and the rest of us are kinda just the debris of society . I had befriended one ex con ( manslaughter ) and keep a damn close eye on an ex con child molester (reformed ?) Damned hard to find anyone without a record in this line of work . I don't feel left out for only having one misdemeanor . Our last farm manager once told me " I've never seen so many felons outside of prison "

AquaTurtle<br />
What is your opinion on the Stanford Prison Experiment? Wount lie,never heard of it, If its new and on the news I dont watch TV, so I only get the news posted on the net, or talked about over friends.<br />
Do you work in a male, female or mixed prison? WE only have about 700 inmates all but 20 are males<br />
Do you have a 'work face' or are you mostly yourself? I have a work face but I like to joke around and have a light hearted approach to most things. And unfortunately they take kindness for weakness, so you cant really joke about mush without it effecting your "so called authoritative image" <br />
Do any of the prisoners scare you? No, none do thought they probably should, but you can only be told how someone going to kill you and your family before it begins to sounds like" Your a meany-head and im gona tell everyone that you shop at thrift store and are poor" In fact now when they say "im going to kill you" I tell them get in line, just hope you get there before all the others do.<br />
You say it's like a holiday, is it really? Its pretty nice and super clean its painted and titled in a cream color, so you know its has to be clean. They play games, get 3 meals, a warm bed, unlimited access to showers and restrooms, a large commissary list(of most junk food items, that are about what you pay in a store, delivered weekly, telephones, cable tv, weekly movies and pizza for the inmate workers on the weekends. They can get there GED, parenting class, NA AA, all denomination church service, library, outside rec, basketball tournament annually, chess, checkers, dominoes, cards, scrabble, & Monopoly. Family visits, any medical care services are just $4 and the includes the dentist.<br />
Do you think that opinion is based on where you work? I know our Inn, isa pretty nice one, because of our Wardens philosophies. Some are much better, A lot are worst, but thats really just due to money issues, or the lack of being able to get good officers in. From talking with others officers in places all over, it is the new practice of Inmate Management, we call it " the lindly friendlier jail" They even refer the Inmates to clients, or customers, a practice the all officer refuse to address them as, customer are ppl paying for a service you provide, not taking a service and making us pay for it 2!<br />
Is is a lower security prison? MAX <br />
Do you have the death penalty? yes, but we only have them until they are sentence to time, and anything more then 18mth they go to the state run facilities. But we have everyone one first, seen may inmates stories on true crime tv hows that were there, as well as new the papers. A few semi-famous ppl 2 been arrested there, cuz were so close to the airports.<br />
Have you ever observed or participated in an execution? No would like to though, Im a little dark! thanks for asking, i like telling ppl about what we do, we are treated and thought of a beneath all other law enforcement, yet I never met one Police officer that hasnt said "I dont know how you do it, being locked in with this animals wit out any weapons at all, no way not for me". Of couse like with everything you have some bad officers too.

It worries me a bit that i aint surprised at how similar both our systems are, is that cycycism or frustrated acceptence?<br />
Its the same the whole world over<br />
Its the good that gets the blame<br />
Its the bad that gets all the pleasure<br />
Aint it a ****** shame!! (anon)

I love your name, I dont wanna ask you anything, just yeah, you're name makes me giggle

Oh Im in the US and It is truly sickening when I see a POS sex offener jollying it up on the phone, watching cable TV, playing games, snacking on there junk food. All while we pay for it. Then they go to court and pay court fees and do a little time and are released just to rape again. All being paid for by the hard working ppl of the country. And why to they pay fines to the courts when the people that were victims get nothing. I also say one day Im gona write a book and and call it "if you only new how your money was spent" or 'Prison, one big holiday that the working class pays for" This year because of the bugets cut we were denied our raises we were to get, ut the upgraded the inmates cable to allow them to watch NFL nextwork and stuff like that, I cant even afford the basic cable at my house. And what do they inmates say when we enforce rules or tell them no, they say " I pay your salary, you work for me" Can you believe it?

With such high numbers of reoffenders going through the system do you think that to much time, money and effort goes in to making prisoners "as comfy as possible"? I dont know where in the world you are but in U.K more energy seems to go into the welfare of the criminal rather than the victim. I know a few people who are constantly in and out of the prison system(2 down at the moment) and they seem to see it as a joke and a holliday. I shouldnt need to add that these guys aint the brightest bulbs in the pack! :P


Which is more important to you, Rehabilitation or Punishment?