I Am A Bipolar, Borderline Personality Lesbian With An Open Mind. Ask Anything.

 I have bipolar & borderline personality disorder.  I've been depressed since I was a small child - as long as I can remember.  I am also a lesbian & very liberal.  Ask anything.

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I am so interested to share stories with you. I just need to have someone who would listen, and whp is going through the same thing.

OMG I have just been diagnosed with both disorder, and yes, I am a lesbian, too. And I'm 26.

It's not a stupid question. Liberal can be used in a political sense - it just means open-minded or progressive. So like a liberal politician would hardly ever be a republican or someone who's anti-abortion. I just mentioned it to help describe my personality, like there's no limits, I'm a free thinker. <br />
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I'm still coming up with good ways with coping with the depression. I go to a psychiatrist regularly & I'm on some good meds that are working pretty well for me right now - that itself helps a lot. But I quit therapy. I don't like talking much. So it's hard for me to find ways to let things out & cope because I don't like to talk to people, so I always have to work stuff out myself. I think I do pretty well though because I'm smart - & think about it- I know myself best. I got off on a bit of a tangent there. But outside of that, I rely on other drugs to help to make me feel better. So I guess my coping with depression is just drugs for now. Drugs & other temporary distractions.

this is a really dumb question, but what's liberal? It has something to do with politics right?<br />
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how do you cope with your depression? Mine is slowly getting better i think.

I had to google & read up on dissociation to answer this... from what I read, the only dissociative symptoms I think I have would be memory loss (I don't remember hardly anything at all from my childhood & my memory's not the sharpest to this day) & also pain/fibromyalgia (but this might not be related to dissociation at all...). I really don't think I suffer from dissociation - I think I just blocked things out instinctively as a kid. Does this answer your question?

Are you adept at identifying dissociative symptoms?