I Am A Good Conversationalist. Ask Me Anything.

"Ask me anything"

The mind fairly reels . . . 

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I share freely of my knowledge and experiences. If someone can learn and benefit from them, that is a pleasant reward for us both.

Indeed I have. And have you a joy of teaching them? (I hope, I hope)

So, you have a joy for learning new things then?

Happens all the time . . . I generally take the opportunity to get another person in the conversation to teach me something.

As part of being a good conversationalist, do you ever find yourself in a conversation that has gone beyond the scope of your understanding, and how did/would you handle yourself?

People still surprise me non<x>stop. And occasionally disappoint, but such is the way of things, I suppose . . .

Last meal, breakfast. Omelette, please, with hash browns and Tabasco.

Do people still surprise you? or just disappoint?

You have one last meal: is it breakfast, dinner, or dessert?

How bout you?

Hmmmm . . . I'm going with Psycho.

*does best scream impression* ... Whats your favorate scary movie?? xD

sry, luv . . .<br />
I don't like to eat scary looking things either for the most part.<br />
Guess it's time for Plan B! lol

Hmmm . . . In my experience, a little heat does wonders for phyllo. Bake it up, says I!

Indeed I have! Baklava, a spinachy-cheesy thing that was yum, and an apple cinnamon thing that was also yum. How about you?<br />
<br />
do you roll with the phyllo up in your 'hood?

Hard to pick one single weirdest convo . . .<br />
I've had some strange ones, tho<br />
This one comes to mind: I once discussed The Force with a park bench schizophrenic for about an hour. Medicated, she might have been a brilliant and original philosopher.<br />
Then again, she might have lost her insight.


OK i will........'ANTHING'....there....!!!!!....now what ...??