I Am A Good Conversationalist. Ask Me Anything.

"Ask me anything"

The mind fairly reels . . . 

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I share freely of my knowledge and experiences. If someone can learn and benefit from them, that is a pleasant reward for us both.

Indeed I have. And have you a joy of teaching them? (I hope, I hope)

So, you have a joy for learning new things then?

Happens all the time . . . I generally take the opportunity to get another person in the conversation to teach me something.

As part of being a good conversationalist, do you ever find yourself in a conversation that has gone beyond the scope of your understanding, and how did/would you handle yourself?

People still surprise me nonstop. And occasionally disappoint, but such is the way of things, I suppose . . .

Last meal, breakfast. Omelette, please, with hash browns and Tabasco.

Do people still surprise you? or just disappoint?

You have one last meal: is it breakfast, dinner, or dessert?

How bout you?

Hmmmm . . . I'm going with Psycho.

*does best scream impression* ... Whats your favorate scary movie?? xD

sry, luv . . .

I don't like to eat scary looking things either for the most part.

Guess it's time for Plan B! lol

I did.

That is why it is so sorry looking.

Or at least it was. I tossed it out.

Hmmm . . . In my experience, a little heat does wonders for phyllo. Bake it up, says I!

Oh, my dear, the reason I asked is because I have a sorry mess sitting on my kitchen counter as we speak. I bought it frozen, I followed the instructions but what I have in my kitchen doesn´t look remotely edible !!

Where did I go wrong ?

( and yes, I have had baklava and it is yummy :- )

HELP !!!

Indeed I have! Baklava, a spinachy-cheesy thing that was yum, and an apple cinnamon thing that was also yum. How about you?

do you roll with the phyllo up in your 'hood?

Have you made any recipes with phyllo dough ?

Hard to pick one single weirdest convo . . .

I've had some strange ones, tho

This one comes to mind: I once discussed The Force with a park bench schizophrenic for about an hour. Medicated, she might have been a brilliant and original philosopher.

Then again, she might have lost her insight.


OK i will........'ANTHING'....there....!!!!! what ...??