I Am A Composer. Ask Me Anything

Well there might be a lot of people like me but if anything is interested in my sphere go ahead and ask me anything. ALL ABOUT MUSIC :))))

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

thank you very very much. THe song is all about love .

it was quite easy really but i should admit that when choosing this job you never know what is gonna come up in life. I started earning living with my work from the second year of my college. I started writing songs for different commercials and groups which were paying me quite an amount of money to consider that I was already making something of it. I am still in college in my third year and I earn nearly 450$ a song without the lyrics, which is enough for me to consider that I make a living from my work.

How do you make a living being a composer? How did you become a composer? I mean after college what did you do to transition from learning to working?

the title is MOVA DRO and it is in another language. if you look it up on youtube it will be there. however i do not suppose that the lyrics will make sense unless you speak GEORGIAN. but i really would like to know what will you think about the music