I Am A Celeb Girlfriend (wag). Ask Me Anything.

My other half is rather famous and being the girlfriend for half a decade, I've learnt a lot. I have many stories and experiences and know how to shine at the end of any situation. You will too. Ask me anything, especially if you cant work out what he wants.

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wags=wives and girlfriends

Yes it is really hard to know that there are others out there willing to throw themselves at him, but building a resistance to it takes time. Its never easy though. I've known some fellow wags be really arrogant and bolshy, assuming that their boyfriend would never stray. its a nice thought but men will always be men. He's on the club circuit quite a lot and I do tend to worry about his philandering eye! Tiger Woods is in the doghouse haha his release date is anyones guess! ;)

So what is Tiger up to these days? : )

He works in music. It was love at first sight. He was with his friends and I was with mine, we caught each others eye and the rest they say is history!

In what industry does your celeb boyfriend work? & How did you meet him?