I Am A Teen Relationship Counsellor.ask Me Anything.

i am myself a teenager,who has gone through numerous problems in life,starting from heartbreak,depression to suicidal attempt.i have faced each problem,learnt lessons and succesfully overcame all of them.I may not be a successful and happy teen,but now i have that stamina to encounter any problem that comes my way and also to help other teens out.so,if you have any questions,regarding relationships in teenage life,ask me,help is not far away.who else but a teen can understand another teen's problem?

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You cannot claim to be a councellor. You are a teenager who has been through alot . Thats it. Don't tell suicidal teenagers that you can help them better than anyone else just because "You've been there" . Theyy need to find PROFESIONAL help. And last I checked, teens with histories are not "profesional" not trying to be a jerk, but you are playing with fire. Someone could get seriously hurt. Advice is one thing, councelling is another- its a proffesion that takes years of studyying EVEN for people who lived their whole lives facing the things that you have

That's awesome you want to help out other teens! Now, I can help YOU lol. I've been through everything you have, plus more.. But I have the ability to help people and I have helped many people with all different situations. You're not a succesful and happy teen? You need to message me :) Tell me why you aren't happy.. what's going on? I want to help you! I promise I'll be able to!<br />
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Take care!<br />