I Am Straight Edge.. Ask Me Anything

well most people either don't know what edge is or wonder if its for them.. if you want to know or need help staying or you want to become straight edge.. ask me and il do my best to help

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Don't you ever feel out of place when there are a lot of people talking about how they were using drugs and alcohol the previous night? Do you ever fear that you may relapse?

Don't you ever feel out of place when there are a lot of people talking about how they were using drugs and alcohol the previous night? Do you ever fear that you may relapse?

and sorry spirit i missed the nicotine part and yes nicotine is one of the things straight edge does not use.. its drinking drug use smoking and promiscuos sex. sorry i missed it in the first one.

well there are other branches of straight edge where they claim "Hard Line" but thats a whole nother topic that i honestly dont know much about.<br />
As for just straight edge some prefer to be vegan or even just vegitarian. but there is no specifications on what you eat for straight edge.<br />
and yes farfrom there is alot of that everywhere and its hard to get past. i think some people love the idea of commiting to bieng straight edge.. they just never fully commit themselves. i used to find it offensive to be honest but now i just kind of let them do there thing and watch them grow out of it..

A new found respect for xxx you just gave me. I don't follow it myself but I appluad those who do as long as there true to what they say they believe in. A lot of kids around here claim it, then you see them sluttin it up at shows and partys while they"re wasted. So all the more power to you my friend, thanks for sharing.

Super good to hear that people are still pursuing straight edge. Glad for you. Clarity of mind and heart simply can not be overrated! Does taking the vow include not using caffine, sugar of nicotine?

lol! Thanks babe. Love you!

yes.. the only advice i can really give you is to support his decision without losing your own.. it actually took my own fiance to show me straight edge is a wonderfull choice.. but its not something that should be forced. its something you need to decide for yourself and stick with it.. bieng edge means you will not drink smoke do drugs or have premiscuos sex. For Life.. its a huuuge commitment.. and not a decision to be forced or brought upon some one. they have to seek it and have it mean what it means to them..

My fiance's straight edge, but i'm not... And sometimes I feel the unspoken pressure to be too... I love my fiance, and i never have a problem with his being straight edge... But i wish i didn't feel so guilty about not being straight edge too... Any advice?

yes and no. more people dont know what straight edge is then there are who judge it..<br />
but it gets alot of bad rep from a milatent side then it gets recognized for its positive or " posi " side.<br />
<br />
as for just my personal judging it happens alot. people see my edge tattoo people will see it and call me out for it or judge me and say im just another gang member.

Do people judge you?

haha well.. i wouldnt say i miss it.. but i do miss having a connection with people.. now that i am straight edge.. alot of people think that im to i guess hardcore or that i dont want to be apart of thier lives because i dont want to drink or smoke anymore.. its funny how when you claim something people turn there back on you for it or think less of you because you dont want to do the same things as them

CM punk for life lol and what do you miss most from when you weren't straight edge?

Well to answere both questions in one shot..<br />
i was heavy into drinking and smoking and drug use... along with just in general bieng a hudlom.. i never robbed or stole anything we just skipped school and did stupid things like get high. regardless.<br />
the straight edge movement started at the time becuase kids/adults were tired of t he social norm bieng that getting wasted and drugged out and thinking its the only way to be cool or to fit into sociaty<br />
that there is another way and in some oppionons a better way. alot of people live straight edge without ever makiing the vow to stay straight edge straight edge is the vow to never drink smoke or do drugs oor to have promiscues sex.. i joined the straight edge becuase i believed and still do that its a great life choice.. not that people who dont fallow it are wrong or we should all conform to it. but that its a decisoin to better yourself from the people around you who feel that it is the only way to fit into a group.<br />
if you have more questions or oppionons feel free to keep them coming..

What made you choose this? Why did you?

Oh...I googled it. Well- that's cool. Were you heavy into drinking and smoking an drugs before you became straight edge?

what is straight edge?