Gymaholic For Something!! :)

why do people spend their time on a gym center??

well now, i think i know why do some people love to go to a gym.. i start working out on january 13 in this year.. i was thinking if i was really fat.. but actually many people would told me that i am not obese so why do i have to go to a gym.. got 114 pounds.. well maybe.. i just wanted to love myself for real.. :) being a healthy person bring out the very best of you.. :)

isza isza
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hi mason.. sorry too.. i have a really really tight schedule because of my thesis paper.. here is my email address,,<br />
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thankyou.. :))

thankyou guys.. but now.. i've stopped working out.. because of the busy sched. for my school.. but looking forward again to come back in fitness gym.. i have a lot of time now to go..<br />
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HedonistSeekingMore what would be the best way to keep thin the arm shoulder?? what should i do?? how would i work it out without having a muscle??

Great story! Taking care of yourself is a wonderful reason to go to the gym. It keeps you healthy, fit, firm and fabulous! Good for you!