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...who likes to think that they know a little bit about religions. Ask me anything, but be nice. I won't tolerate trolling.

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I wouldn't say lifes a rollercoaster..... more of a mountain to climb. You just keep going upwards, and even the bits where you must go downwards only serve to bring you closer to the top. <br />
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I can't see the top yet.... but the clouds are clearing a bit. I can see quite far up... but still no sign of the top.

Not rambling at all mate, makes perfect sense. Im 32 and still have those "learning curves" where you are forced to re-evaluate your views. I hope i always will cos ya always learn something new. I think differently now about a lot of things than i did 3 years ago and will probably think differently in another few years. Its a cool little roller coaster init! :D

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I'd have to say that between them Christianity, Judaism and Islam (being so closely related) have caused the most pain through out history. I may well be wrong - I am woefully ignorant of eastern history, and it could be argued that some of the more ancient beliefs were far more damaging. <br />
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In a sense, yes. My parents never taught me what to believe. Even to this day I don't really know whether or not they believe in God(s). When I was little I used to just accept God's existence as fact. However as I grew up and started to actually think about things, I came to the conclusion that there was no God, just as I gave up my beliefs in the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas. <br />
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I am a teenager and I am an atheist. Therefore I am a teenage atheist. I tend not to get too bogged down with titles. However - I would say that the difference is sort of a insurance policy. I am all to aware that my opinion is fleeting. I can remember now, how I used to think, just a few years ago and I think "How ignorant I was then". Because of this I realize that what I believe, or rather how I think about what I believe will most definitely change with the next few years. By the time I become an "adult" I may well think that the way in which I think now, is just as ignorant as my thinking a few years ago. In short, it's more of a personal quantification of who I am at this moment in time. <br />
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:S Sorry if that's a bit rambling....

What, in your opinion, is the difference between a teenage atheist & an adult atheist?