I Am A Rugby Coach For High School Girls, Ask Me Anything!

I love it... I'll answer whatever questions you have! I LOVE RUGBY!!!!!!

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Can I kick the ball out of another pla<x>yers hand while they attemt to touch the ball down for a try

Rocko: It's athletic, it's easy enough to learn and to regurgitate on the pitch and the nicest, coolest ppl in the world I've met through this game :)<br />
<br />
Drifter: Not much of a Six Nations watcher... :/ I'm from the US...

Sorry mate, i dont want to ask a question as being a rugby fan i am not a stranger to woman envolved in the sport but i saw a post about rugby and just had to say CYMRU AM BYTH!!!!!!!!!!!! The way Wales played last week they owed us that result today!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Scotland! Lol! :D

what so good about rugby???<br />
<br />
(sometimes simple Q's can be a pain.)