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I teach High School and Middle School English. I have experience in literature, grammar and composition, and research. Ask me anything!!

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I hope the answers helped Darknessofitall. Tortiurr, normally what goes through my head is " are they lying?" Then I sort of think of the individual student and assess what I think. I always allow every student to make up assignments for 10 points off for every day that it is late. To me, if they choose not to do the homework, I feel bad for them because they are only harming themselves, but I never yell at them. A lot of kids will just make up an excuse when the truth is they didn't do it because of family issues, so I never want to make the mistake of criticizing. If a kid doesn't have it I say, you can give it to me tomorrow for 10 points off. Then I drop it. If they need it for something in class, I pair them with a strong student and get over it. If it is habitual I will either write them a little note or talk to them after class about the reasons behind it. But I will admit that I do find myself not believing some kids. I had one kid who had 3 grandmas die :(

I'm in a credentialing program and student teaching

Wow, well I said ask me anything :) For literature circles with my high school students I have each kid focus on a different idea such as theme, plot, character analysis, and author purpose. I have them read each block of text then get in their groups and discuss so they can master their topic, then I jigsaw them out so there are new groups with one person from each topic group acting as a "specialist" in their group. Then they rotate and speak on their topic. I normally do this three times during a novel and then once to review at the end before the assessment. <br />
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As far as keeping students accountable for their work, I give students a grade sheet and then have to enter in their own grades as they get their papers back. I take everything back up and keep it, but about ever two weeks I have them average their grades from their grade sheets to see where they are. That way they know exactly where they stand. I grade everything I give them. I think it's the only way to keep them accountable..that and tell them how much everything weighs. That way they realize that even a simple homework assignment weighs enough to change a grade. <br />
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Poetry and Prose? Well Poetry has meter and rhythm. That is about the easiest way to explain it. For narrative poetry that is a little trickier to explain, but I normally explain iambic pentameter, meter, couplets and all the different types of poetry so they are able to realize what is what. <br />
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Are you a teacher?

What are some good ways to have students do literature circles? And what are some strategies to keep students accountable for the work they do in class and outside of it? What is the difference between poetry and prose? How do you get students to understand that?