How To Be Happy?

If this secret was easy to share, then all people on earth would have been happy. Therefore, this post is not to present a common lesson, but a sharing of experience for broader conversation. The following things are the secrets that turn all my calamities into blessings:

1. Studying the Holy Scriptures about the Love and the Knowledge of God.

2. Knowing consciously His commands about Love, Unity, Peace, Prosperity, Salvation.

3. Applying these commands in the personal and community life.

4. Checking the results every day.

5. Sharing lovingly to other people, with no coersion.

6. Holding firm the cord of God's guidance and protection.

7. Praising and Glorifying the One True God, the Creator and Sustainer of all worlds.

All these things are done among all other activities of an ordinary human being,

not as a leader or a priest or as anything alien to the common men in any societies.

This fact is proved concretely when you meet a Baha'i face to face.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

More wonderful thoughts on God .. thank you :)