I Am A 14 Year Old Mom Ask Me Anything

My Name Is Edmarie Colon R  Im 14 Years Old & Havinq a Babyboy. Me & My Boyfriend Were Not Planing To Have  Baby At This Age But Only God Now Why He Wants Me to Be a mom at This Age.Age Dont tell How good of a mom you are,& iknow im going to be the best mom ever .iknow that you may thin i was Scared when i fist found out But No i wasent iknow how to take care off a child & every one off my family & friends now that. me and my boyfriend are very happy about this bby boy & No One But No one is going to change that baby joel..me and Daddy Cant wait to see you.. Love youu

Edmarie Edmarie
13-15, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Wow!<br />
I'm so glad you're being positive. Though honey, please don't try to teach your kid to spell.<br />
I think you are doing an amazing thing, but isn't it a little scary giving your life up to be a mum at such a young age?