I Am A Depression Survivor. Ask Me Anything.

I don't have all the answers to everything, but I can comment on what I know from my own experience.

I once felt as though I would never fit in the world and never feel better. I have had depression for about 8 years but am recovering.

I've been in mental institutions and had more admissions to hospital than I can count...

I still am not always 100% but I am certainly feeling better than I have over the last few years :)

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I need help real bad depression n a personality disorder n hate it everyday is lik hell

Wow, Abstraction. :O<br />
<br />
Glad to hear it's been a few years now - that's great! :D<br />
You must be a tough person to have survived; give yourself credit ;)

Me too. I didn't end up in institutions, but i don't know how i survived the 15 years i had depression. It's hard to describe to someone on the outside how deep and debilitating this was. I remember looking at the plate glass window at work and wanting to crash through it - not because i wanted to hit the ground - but that because for the moment when the glass broke and i was suspended in motion i wouldn't feel what i was feeling. I survived. I'm like the prisoner in an underground dungeon who should never have escaped but found a way out. It's been 3-4 years out now.

Actually, I asked because this is the "I'm a ___ ask me anything" group, and the other commenters didn't ask anything.I do have experience with people that should be institutionalized. They make me kinda nervous. Watching the mother in-law snap at the words A&W leaves me in awe every time..... Not that I say it around her to watch her blow up, but ya, if you want to see the devil just mention A&W around the MIL.

A bit of both, Fire.<br />
When I first arrived I felt like I just fitted it and we were all it it together and what not... <br />
but after a while more people were admitted and then some of the patients from lock-ward were let out into our section and... well they were pretty special to put it nicely :P<br />
No in all seriousness I didn't think ill of them, but I certainly didn't feel like one of them and I definitely felt like a was in the wrong place.<br />
<br />
Have you ever had that type of experience or are you just asking out of curiosity? :)

When you were in the institution were you worried that you were surrounded by crazies? Or did you know they were just normal people like you?

congrats: my sister has been in and out of mental hospitals too, and I have had deep depression also. I know how hard it is- many people just don't want to understand.

Thanks for the positivity guys :)

im in depression for last 15 or so years.....good that you are recovering and that you know it

I'm glad to hear you are doing better! And its nice to see you offering to help others in similar circumstances. Keep up the great work! <br />
<br />
Best Wishes! Mel