I Am In Love With Two People

Ask me anything... I need to talk about it anyways

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

I am in a relationship with one of them, yes. He's my boyfriend for two months now and the other person is a girl I've known since last summer. We always felt attracted to one another but nothing serious ever happend... until last weekend, when I did something I kinda regret. I kissed her... he doesn't know about it and I won't tell him. I know honesty is the best solution most of the time but I know it won't happen again and I don't want to hurt him like that. <br />
I was really confused for a long time but yesterday I decided to give my relationship a chance. She expected it and she's very understanding which I'm really thankful for. I love him and I want to give this a chance... so I'm trying to see her as just a very good friend again. Might not be the right thing to do but I want to try at least. <br />
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Well yes indeed it is beautiful but at the same time it makes you hate yourself a little bit because you're playing with the feelings of two people you really like and you know that someone's gonna be hurt... Jeaoulsy is an *******.<br />
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Hope that answered all the questions...

Do they know about each other, and are you trying to choose between the two?

I think that is a beautiful thing. How do they react?