I Am A Member Of The Same Race As You Are- The Human Race!

Our ethnicity may be different, but we are the same race. To me, a mixed race being can only happen on Star Trek!

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I am from two different ethnic groups as well. I am Scottish on my father's side, Jewish on my mother's. I am looking for a company of bagpipers to play the score of " Fiddler on the Roof " for me!

I'm a 'mixed race', yet neither black nor white. I come from two different cultures, and have some very yummy food

That's an interesting way to phrase it, but I prefer to try to avoid labeling people. I am glad you brought up the cultural aspect however, because I feel that if looked at a certain way, the cultural exchange can be a vital component of understanding one another. <br />
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You can get to eat some pretty awesome meals that way, too!

They should call it mixed cultures instead