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Now, for someone as myself I meditate upon many things. I try to keep my mind fresh and sharp; like that of a blade. I would be called a silver tongue in the days of old. Yet here I am living life amongst people who care not for the little things only themselves. It is even a shame to see people who help others generally do it because it makes them feel good. In all truths people should do things just because, they should not need a reason to justify themselves if it is towards the greater good. Now think to yourself what is the greater good, for many that is doing something like giving a homeless person a few extra dollars you have around in the ash tray. Yet even now, people do things for many reasons...and sad to say I rarely see them do it for the right reasons besides doing it for themselves.


Yet there are those that know better, and have an idea as myself. I came across meditating in my search through the so called religious world. I have been apart of many religions of the modern world, yet I find that meditating to be the sole to the path of a greater life.

Now that if your still reading this, I was meditating one of my days off from work. When I slipped into a dream where I was still aware of the location and thoughts of my body. Yet I was being drawn to another place, I could feel a slight ringing of a bell. Before I knew it everything had changed I was no longer focused on myself I was rather in a different time, only reason I could tell was the so called five senses had been touched I could smell the horse droppings the burning of fires and get that strange dew wetness feeling. It was some what of the morning I could figure as much with the animal sounds of a farm and the sun rising in the east. Yet people were talking I just became aware of others yet I could not understand them, it was mixed sounds that made no sense to my known languages. Then before i knew it, I was back awake fully aware of my location and state of mind. This was when I was 12, and that to me was a strange feeling. It was then when I started to sleep I could dream about a great deal of many things. Yet little did I know I was dreaming about my future, I wasn't aware of it as the years went by until it came to me when I was 13 almost going to turn 14 I was in school and I saw the people I was talking to, and then our teacher called us to pay attention. I had that weird deja vu feeling. Then it came to me I was 12 when I held that dream of that exact location the people around me even though they were blurry in the dream. Yet the design of the school and classroom from it being a new school was more then enough for me to know. I started to pay more attention to things and as the years progressed with out even trying things started to fall into place. It has happened like each dream I saw as my life progressed, I did not make it an obsession to look but I did make a log that everytime something happened along the feeling of deja vu I made a record in a notebook I wrote and I listed that experience there are well over 63 instances that I wrote down how my life was shaped with out even knowing and it has yet to stop.

I tried to tell my dad  & mom about it but they are slight skeptics about that way I see things. So I came to this conclusion if one wants to find their place in the universe, they must look into the past and get a grasp of things before looking into the future, for we learn from our mistakes yet there are those that know from those mistakes how to get around them and not allow them ever to happen again. 


meh that is what I felt like ranting about...just to top it off, you can ask me anything on any matter and I will respond...lol of course you may not like what I have to say...yet I never said how I would answer them...considering if you think evil; evil is a matter of opinions ;=) so ask away.

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cya striker night bro<br />
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ok yes your correct, and I am sure it would be a stalemate between us haha <br />
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So you admit i'm right again, and you still have to prove me wrong =)<br />
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You would lose against me darling, you know you would (pride issue again? I'll play along ;D)<br />
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(Easily =P)

I might be admitting that your right.....=/<br />
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well, fine I will do so on my own =P not like I would lose on my own against you =)<br />
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Do you admit that i was once again right?<br />
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oh that so isn't cool....fine gosh I am a softy but I have that side which is rough =p<br />
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well I was gonna say double team for one move then let her think about what she did wrong lol<br />
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I cannot confirm or deny about you being able to manipulate me dear....I maybe screwed on this topic.

You are soft though ^_^ Some of the things you say to me... =P <br />
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You know i am right darling, you just don't want to admit it due to your pride.. understandable, i won't tell ;D<br />
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And you also know i could manipulate you easily =D<br />
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What's this? Plans to gang up on a poor innocent girl?<br />
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Yeah, I know calling me soft.....tis tis just a shame because I know she is wrong now =] we already talked about this one young lady. Push to come to shove you know you would enjoy what I could do straight up. Calling me out on it, only shows that your trying this thing we call manipulation haha which it may work <br />
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haha hello! still have to prove how your right. =p<br />
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I see yes and no's to what you said sweety, how I was trying to talk about the the previous comments followed along that, if we do not know how we acted in the past we are doomed to repeat ourselves in the future. That is why in my opinion it is good to know the past so that way if such an issue arises in the future we can have an idea so to speak how to deal with it. Yet =p if we also didn't rediscover our past as a whole we would have never cared to look into the so called treasures of the world like egypt, greece, rome, and so forth =)<br />
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Yes, I have done selfless acts...I suppose it doesn't hurt to say, I use to help out on my free time for a charitable organization called Variety it was there to help out kids and their families giving them the basic materials they would need clothes, food, shelter, you know help them out any which way we can. I donated don't think of me as a fool...I donated 5,000 to this organization when I had a good job as a meat cutter....a shame I lost it too...many stories from when I worked there...haha yeah great stories too<br />
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I did this because I hate seeing people, or whom ever suffering it irritates me how here in the US that while we may help some of those that need assistance, we can't turn and help everyone because I was told this....it would bankrupt our economy and the life we know would be gone so to speak...(I wonder how this works with war....dumb) Yet I do believe in the rule of karma....haha thats why I give and give some more...I even pass up things for myself for those that could use it. I suppose I have a sweet side to me....but I swear any of you tell anyone....i don't know what I would do...but I could get creative =]P

Hello! It's Me!! =D (The always right one? ;D)<br />
I agree with most of your views, but in my opinion, the past has nothing to do with the future. Your future depends on what you do in the now, not what you have done. The past is not meant to be rediscovered (thus calling it 'the past')<br />
Although i agree about learning from your mistakes, it's how you use them in the present to decide your path.<br />
And as for the selfless acts things, i agree, but can you think of any circumstances where the person would not recieve anything in return for their good deeds?<br />
If you helped a homeless person by giving them all the money you had (so you were literally broke), you would get their gratefullness and chances are, he/she would try to repay you.<br />
Its the way of the universe, everything is balanced.<br />
'As you give, so you recieve'<br />
^_^ <br />
☮ Peace

My friend you are indeed in a part of life that you shouldn't have to deal with, if it was my mother and she became that weak of a human being then I would do her a favor and put her to sleep. While it is a parent some of us have strong bonds that make certain things hard. Yet if it was my parent they told me if they ever got that bad to pull the trigger and allow them their peace. <br />
<br />
If you require some assistance I will gladly give you what you need to move forward from the hellish style of living. You just have to ask and you shall receive

I too have dreams that come true, and have keen insight on many things. There is a part of my life that is awash in toxis emotions and for my entire life I cannot mend. I take care of my mother yet despise her . she sits in her own filth and refuses for me to clean it nor address it. constant sneers etc fill our world. sometimes i can't take it and explode! gently speaking of problems never help and distractions only make the river seem placid. undercurrents and sarcasm are everything. god, i can't take it! I hope being out the picture you help this fr<x>amed hell!

Silver tongue is also considered a person of words which words generally referred to knowledge. <br />
<br />
As for you stating pentecostal I can't say anything mainly for the matter what people choose to believe in is their way of couping with the world around them.<br />
<br />
What my take on life would be considered shrewd or just even cruel...mainly since I think all should be forced to an educational level of at least college sophomore. For me to say this, is that those that choose to be uneducated tend to believe what ever the people as a whole want. That is just plan stupidity. <br />
However to go for a undefined good world one would have to take care of the so called sin of greed and lust. Which have been em<x>bedded into most people from birth. So to even impose a change would cause chaos to the world around them. While I have been called disturbed or unphased by such traumas of destruction it is because I choose to see both sides. To me a better world would be one where people stop doing things in a manner for themselves but to carry all together under one arm. This however cannot be done, war and grief would consume the land before many even attempt to make a change. While I hear talks to improve this or fix that...they place a bandade so to speak on a deep gash.<br />
<br />
Oh I am sorry for going on like that, my take on life....You go through doing what it takes to get by and accumulate wealth in a means of memories and friends. Doing what you know to the core that is correct. You need not to be known for your deeds for knowing that you, yourself accomplished something that made someones life for better or worse depending on their situation. You see even if that is talking to someone asking how their day is going you may not notice it but interacting with the world around changes events. If I was born I know there would have been a great many lives I had touched just by meeting them and sharing insight or something to a solution where they only saw death. <br />
<br />
I do not fear death, I sure know that when it comes for me I will fight and tell them it is not my time. For I have much more to do, and when I am ready I will go so willingly. I have brushed up close to death even through meditating and I know now and can see through the eyes of others peering into the so called soul of the eyes. Just to read them like a book, for the most part the covers might be different but the pages generally say the same thing. Anywho any thing else you would like to ask me?

silver tongue is another word for story teller, long for lier is what some would believe. lol<br />
you have an interesting view on things. im a pentocostal, but what is your take on life? i too believe we should do things just because they are good, but the world will never go for that.