I Am A Pretty Normal Teenage Girl Ask Away

I am fifteen, just like everyone else "I have had bad parts of my life" .I am addicted to sex.

ask away

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hey care to chat hun ?

@BlueDreamUK :I would say, 38?<br />
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@Internalstruggle: I am addicted....its not that it makes me feel better it's that I need it, I really go nuts without it.<br />
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@cellogal: I have only done it with people I know, full protection, condom, depo, and even sometimes plan B

Are you safe, as in using protection and on the pill? Do you make sure to put your health first? I would hate for you to be young with something uncurable. And you are definitely not ready for a child.

Are you really addicted to sex or are you looking for your sense of worth in the arms of a man?............The only reason i ask is from my own personal experience. <br />
For years i thought that the only way to get the affection of a woman was to have sex with her and make sure it was good. If it wasnt on my behalf (happened a lot when younger) then i felt less of myself.<br />
I used sex to define my self worth in life.

What's the oldest you think you'd date before they were being creepy?

@Dredd13: I first had sex when I was 7 with a boy a few years older I wouldn't really say it was rape because we both didn't know what we were doing.<br />
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@leanback: I have never tanned in my life...I have been burnt from hiking for about 4-5 hours and it was horrible but I never got a tan from it.<br />
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@xplicit69ideas: When I was a little younger I had many many horrible fantasies...but I was also in a relationship with someone that brought that side out of me..I would have to say that now my sexual turn ons are normal but I still rather have the guy in complete control.<br />
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@flans: that's not a question.<br />
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@pjmayken: I have had sex way more times then I can count and when I don't get it for a week or so I pretty much act as if I'm on my period.

How do you know you are addicted to sex?<br />
Have you had alot of sex, or do you just think about sex .

Do you think there are some sexual fantasies of yours that if your friends found out, would drastically alter their perception of you ?. I dare you to post the most 'out there' one.