I Am A Non Judgemental Person Always Happy To Help Anyone Out There In Need Of Someone To Talk To

About me? Well I'm 25 years old I'm one in the four kids my mom had so growing was always full of drama and fights but we always had each others backs despite the **** we have gone through together. I have a lot of great friends in my life who were there for me during some of my own lowest moments, currently I'm trying to get into social work to help young people with drug and alcohol problems, a few years ago I tried cocaine it was only supposed to be a one off, but my then friends were doing it weekly and really wanted me to come along again and I hated being left out of the 'fun' so would go join them pretty soon I had changed from my perky outgoing self to a paranoid emotional wreck terrified my other friends who didn't do it would find out and label me a 'druggy' the initial rush of coke was immense I felt so great but only when we ran out and couldnt get any more would the comedown hit and I'd be all on my own in a room swearing I was never gonna touch that **** again but each week I kept on breaking that pact with myself. This went on for about a year the constant extreme highs and lows I was saving to go travelling to Australia it was bloody hard but ******* worth it because whilst there I stopped doing drugs altogether it was hard and I had a hard time finding my head I was so angry inside and found it incredibly difficult to drop the past the best friend I did coke with back home I tried staying in touch with despite everything I didnt want to lose her friendship as we had known each other since childhood and had made contact after we left school after a nasty relationship I had been in and she was someone who had always been good to me,  but each time I called I got a barrage of paranoid **** from her she didnt care about anyone but herself and right now I needed to think of myself so I stopped off contact and stayed away. Since then 4 years later I've stayed clean (had a few relapses but got back on track) unfortunately I hear she still does it which makes me sad but theres nothing I can do and its up to her to admit she needs help which I pray one day she does. Anyways thats my story if you need to talk about anything just let me know

Loubielou Loubielou
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2010