I Am A A Very Tired Person. Ask Me Anything.

almost all my life, being the eldest of a big family, and i have always gave considerations to everyone. most of the times, i sacrifice my time, my interests and whatever that is i'm doing just for them. this goes with other people, somehow, i give too much.

i don't know if my environment's already situated with that kind of personality that they seem to further lean on. there's nothing wrong with that. it's just that sometimes, i reach my breaking point. sometimes i feel so tired being a shoulder to someone that sometimes i feel exploited. there are times that i can't even consider myself because of them. and i don't know if this bad feeling about this is wrong.

when i try to not care and not to give. i feel guilty. making me feel that i've been to selfish.

it's as seems that i'm just bounded by this.



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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, WarriorMom. Your story is inspiring, and your comment is really much appreciated. :)

Being a giver or caretaker is really depleating of energy, let alone time. <br />
I struggled with the same type of issues as a single parent of 4 kids with NO help.<br />
I finally came to terms with it when I realized being burnt out is doing no one any good.<br />
Taking care of yourself 1st is not selfish, it's to stay emotionally & physically healthy so you can give to others also. Learning healthy boundaries and how to say no is important so others don't take advantage of you. Maybe help them brainstorm to find another option than yourself to solve their wants & needs. They will survive with or without your assisstance. <br />
Take Care of yourself, WM