I Am A Colostomate. Ask Me Anything.

It really is not all that bad and truly if you think about it-it is far better then a box... I am here if you ever have any questions or are faced with having a colostomy.

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I did but did not know for years that he caused it and at the point was ill with other issues and just did not have the fight in me...

Did you ever think of suing the doctor?

No-no-so sorry I meant better then being dead and in a box.... Some people actually would rather be dead then have a colostomy and it truly is not that bad at all....<br />
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I had a colostomy for a horrible reason. When I had my first son at the age of 30-the doctor gave me a 4th degree episiotomy during the final stages of delivery for no apparent reason and he cut through my sphincter muscle and killed it completely. Leaving me incontinent. So from then on I had no control of my movements. My son was only 7lbs/6oz and in 1998 episiotomies were not even common never mind 4th degree ones. Most have them as a result of colon/bowel cancer though. I have no issues at all with mine and it is nothing like what people think. Nobody would even know if I didn't tell them. It has improved my life big time.

Why did you have colostomy?

I know what a colostomy is but I'm lost about the" box" unless its THE box that brings much pleasure to guys(and girls for that matter>VBG