I Am A Child Who Feels Like A Failure. Ask Me Anything.

Cause he reminds me every time he looks at me.

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My father. <br />
<br />
The reason? because the things I do are criticized and picked apart and analyzed into what I should have known to do to have made them better or me better at it. I've never heard an approving sound utter from his mouth. In a way I think its made me more independent, and I know I shouldn't have to need his approval. I can't help it though, it hurts not being good enough.<br />
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I can see the reasoning behind that fact that Im not a failure. Im actually going to be a college grad soon and I know the direction I want to take. He's like an overbearing shadow of constant degrading that I can't escape, even when he's not around.<br />
I don't know how to not need his approval, its now an automatic thing to think over what I should have know to do to have been better at EVERYTHING I do. I wish he would just acknowledge that Ive done SOMETHING right

You say that you "feel" like a failure. ARE you a failure?<br />
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Why? is the only thing i can ask..