Cultural Theorist, Student Of Philosophy And Engineering

I am familiar with the logical fallacy "appeal to authority" so if your looking for someone to blame in advance it may not be me.

Some concepts to be familiar with:

Linguistics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and context. Often the form of the question is the answer. More concepts to be familiar with : enigma, confidence, and subtext.

Would you seek a confidence with me that your phraseology and body language should not betray your inner thoughts? Your motivations standing naked in public revealing your true substance. Your identity cast as writing upon the wall. Ask me your fate, your future and I should tell you who you are?

If you do not know who you are then I do know are the victim of happenstance, your life has happened to you instead of having been forged by you. Have you an established presence? Or do you stand in the shadow of others? Should I love you? Let me know.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

you have a beautiful mind<br />
I want you to love you all day long<br />
you already love me<br />

I think my nose just bled. :)