I Am An Opera Singer. Ask Me Anything.

Actually I am a student opera singer, hints why I actually have the time to be on this website right now.  Or why I maybe don't have the time but I am on it anyways, neglecting the 18,000 other things I should be doing.  I don't know what questions you might have for a wanna-be-opera singer who is trying her hardest to get there, but if you do, Ask me Anything!

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There was an opera I heard years ago and didn't catch the name. All I know is that the heiress is given a pendant or necklace which at the end saves her life or reveals her character. I think she is given that necklace at the beginning of the opera. Sorry I don't have more info. Do you know the name of this piece?? Thanks!

what are questions to ask in a opera survey

I have taken six years of lessons so far, but I am still taking them and will take them probably for a LONG time! I practice at least 30- 40 minutes a day. Practice for a vocalist is weird because you CAN sing to much and develop problems with the vocal chords. So, 30-40 minutes is how much I actually sing, but I practice my music more by looking it over and thinking about character and all the other aspects! You cannot change your vocal range.... but most people do not know how to access their full range, and you can learn to do this. When I began singing I couldn't hit near as many high notes as I can now, but my voice itself did not "grow", I just learned how to properly sing so that I can hit the notes. Thanks for the interesting question!

How many years of lessons did it take? How many hours of practice a day? Can you improve your range significantly (From 2.5ish octaves to 3 or 4 or.... more??)

Sometimes going to school to be an opera singer is super fun, and sometimes it totally sucks. One thing is that you never know if you are going to have what it takes to actually beat other people out. The business is very difficult. There are sooo many people trying to do this with their life. It is kind of something that chooses you, though. I feel like I was chosen by God or by opera itself to study this, because I just have the voice for it. I know many people who do not have the voice for it, and it really comes down to what you were born with and what you were not, which makes me sad for people that want it, but don't have it. It isn't an instrument you can buy, just one you've got or you don't. <br />
I have been told by a few people that they didn't like how I had "vibrato" in my voice. These people were not appreciative of opera though, and they thought opera was not a natural sound for the human voice. Contrary to their belief though, which is surely based on the current popularity of "pop" music, operatic sound occurs when the vocal folds are completely relaxed and when the body is completely engaged. <br />
It is actually almost like a sport. I work out every day so that I can better support my tone with my body. Also, there is a lot of pressure these days to be very thin. I am not thin, but am not extremely large either. I am just overweight, not obese but I sometimes am overlooked for certain roles because I am not as thin as the next girl who sings the role equally, or maybe even not as good. <br />
I would LOVE to play Isolde, and if I ever play that fabulous role, I will for sure let you know Woodczar!

Has anyone in that past ever told you that you couldn't sing? Or that they didn't like your voice?

I sure wish I could hear you sing ... maybe as Isolde? ;D<br />
<br />
What's it like to be a student opera singer?

No, I have a large voice. I will probably be singing Wagnerian Soprano roles and other dramatic roles. I am definitely no coloratura, though that would be really cool.

Can you do coloratura soprano roles?